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Hi, I wrote tonight about Odensaker Parish in Vestergotland by Skovde, Sweden.  I think my information is on page 45 under Doris Arnold.  I do need help getting my Anderson family back to the early 1800's  I live in a suburb of Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.  Tack sa mycket.

I'm interested in your surname of Fick.  To make a long story short, my ggfa, Augustus Fickweiler, came to America from Germany in 1861.  After arrival he used the surname of Wiler.  His daughter was said to be Swiss.  When I found his ship record his name was Fickweiler.  I'm wondering if the name Fick is actually a prefix name in Swiss and there was more to that name?  The Fickweilers said that Augustus Fickweiler had brothers who migrated with him but not to America.

Hello everyone.
My names Tracey I'm 45 and come from East Yorkshire but spend a lot of my time nowadays in Newcastle upon Tyne. I have been tracing my family tree for 21 years. I started by tracing my paternal side and then went onto my maternal side so now have a bit of this and that in my tree.
On searching my Mums side i discovered that Charles Dickens ( yes THE Charles Dickens) married into my family.
Every now and again i start researching again on my tree to see what i can find.
I'm currently starting to rummage through the WARDILL side again as i have started a blog and would prefer more details in it. So if anyone has married a WARDILL in your tree, let me know as i may well be able to help.
My WARDILL's started off in Goathland in North Yorkshire and spread to Australia and Canada although a lot stayed in Yorkshire and moved to Bridlington.
I'm trying to track down more of my family.I was a wardill. It appears that wardills came down to the east end of london from yorkshire (the only place i've met un-related wardills) and from there to carshalton in surrey - Wardill motorcycle & garage fame.
Please let me know more about your lot.
Met a 2nd cousin today from wales - mark wardill - for the first time after finding him on genes reunited
Tanya Thomas
Hi, I am a beginner at family research. I am trying to build a family tree for CATLOW. If anybody knows any CATLOWS - particularly in the London area, then please contact me through this web site. No professionals touting for trade please.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY and have been researching my roots for the past several years. I started with my father's side because I wanted to develop a chain to my great great grandfather and his Civil War record...which I did. But now I'm working on my mother's side and have learned that her grandfather (whom she never mentioned) came from County Longford, Ireland circa 1830-32; came to America around 1833; lived in Brooklyn and married my great grandmother, Lucy Ann Donohue in Brooklyn in 1864. She was born in Michigan around 1845-46 and died two months after the birth of her 7th or 8th child in 1880. Don't know Thomas' or Lucy's parents' names which is very frustrating! Of course, I'm always open to any help or suggestions. I live in Indiana now and do not get back to NY to do research but I'm still thrilled when I find even a tidbit of information.
Hello everyone,

I have been researching the family history since 1994. Primary maternal surnames include:

My primary paternal African American lines include:
Not sure what happened, but I listed all of my surnames with the country and states associated with each, but when I came back to see my post all the country and state info disappeared!! Why would that happen?
My name is David Biasi.


I am very experienced in Italian research.
My ancestry comes from Northern Italy, mostly of the Treviso, Belluno, Verona & Brescia Provences. I have traveled to Italy many times in the past 10 years to gather up records and perform research in the parish and state archive level. I speak Italian, read Italian and have translated over 50,000 names.
Curretly I have been extracting out entire parishes into GEDCOM format, so that the research is complete and available in the future as I connect to others and expand my own research links.
I have been helping may people learn how to research their Italian roots. I teach them how to find where in Italy their ancestors came from, then order in the records if they are available, then i teach them how to read the records.

I am commited to helping anyone on their Italian research. All it takes is desire on your part. I do not charge for my services. To start learning sign up to post on the forum the facts you know on your ancestor and ask the forum for help in finding where in Italy your ancestors come from. Next study chapters I & II of this study guide: Study chapters I & II Great Site for Italian Place names Great Site for getting answers to most any subject in your Italian research. Italian Parish site for indentifing your specific parish by name. Great site for tracking immigration into the USA

I am researchin in the following parishes: Valle di Cadore, Venas, Vintiago, Domege di Cadore, Tai di Cadore, Pieve di Cadore, Vazzola, Visna (TV). Cimetta, Ramiera, Mareno di Piave, Sarano, Soffratta, Tezze, Rai, San Polo di Piave, Tempio, Ormelle, Collabrigo, Formeniga, San Vendemiano, Zoppe, Masarda di Piave Provaglio Sotto & Sopra (BR), Cavalo (VR)

I to have an interest in Pieve Di Cadore,my grandfather came from the Village, I did visit there a few years ago
the name I am interested in is Da Forno, he actually came from the village a 10 minute walk away called Pozzale Di Cadore

Jackie from Australia
Hi David, although the surnames we research is French, they might have "spilled" over to Italy.
Won't you join us at:
Hi I am 73 years old and have been researching my family genealogy sencie 1982. Surnames are Brasseale-Brazile-Hamby-Sanders-the Family of Elias Brasseale started in Blount co.Al. and moved to Grundy late in 1860 the spelling changed to Brazile and married into The Hamby,Sanders family some times between 1870-1900 any information will be of help and I will share with any one. Also on my mothers side Purser-Green-families in Warren God Bless all jerry



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