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Hello, my name is Joseph Davis and I am fairly new to the world of genealogy research. I am actually seventeen years old, a fact that I usually do not to reveal on websites such as this because people tend to not take teenagers seriously. I've always felt out of place in today's world and I never really understood it. Since beginning my research of my family I've become really fascinated by how people of the past were.

As a child, I hated when we would learn about Native Americans because teachers would always give us an assignment which involved discovering where our ancestors came from. The only reason I didn't like this was because my parents knew very little of our ancestry, so I always came back to school with some watered-down, half-truths and was never quite content with it. Just this summer, it came to me that my grandparents won't be on this earth much longer, so I decided to ask them questions and look at pictures with them. Of course they were delighted. My father says that his dad would have been so proud of me. Is it really that uncommon for someone my age to be interested in family history? I suppose it could be. I'd like to dispel the common stereotype that teenagers are disobedient and selfish. I have done research outside of my grandparents' information as well, simply because at their current age it is somewhat difficult for them to recall a lot of information. However, I am incredibly excited about my current findings. I look forward to one day discovering the age-old question of where my ancestors came from. I've made it to a little before the 1800s and I still haven't found a foreign ancestor yet, but I'm not giving up!
Joseph, that is great! I just want to commend you on what you're doing, and on your openness and willingness to join us and share your story on this site. And although it may be less common for someone of your age to delve so deeply into your family history, I don't think it unsual at all that you have the curiousity and desire to do so. I'm sure that many of us, and most genealogists in general are people who fit your same profile, however, when most of us were your age, we didn't have the ease of access to the many resources necessary to do this work! But now in this electronic age, you can sit at your computer and do what we would have needed to have traveled to our ancestral locations and sat in hot, stuffy libraries and courthouses, as well and walked around cemeteries, etc., most of which would have been formidible for us in our youth. So, forge ahead my friend, and best wishes to you. I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Welcome to the group, and we are here to help you!"
Thanks for the welcome
Hi joseph & maybe you could be related to me! well, maybe! I had a Joseph Davis from the 1860's that fathered my gr. grandfather, & had two sons, Harry & Farrel davis, as far as I know that's the only sons, not a daughter, as far as I know but do know of a picture of 3 older ladies, that were in a picture of Farrel whom was my gr. grandfather. He married twice, one to my gr, grandmother, Irene (Reeher) & Anna McCoy. They all lived in Columbiana County, OH & western PA.
Don't worry about other people. Genealogy is like a treasure hunt i tell my kids so it'll probably keep most people's interest. It has me for more than anything else, & do get to go to OH from Central Fl, where I live now, so stay with it, & learn the importance of family now, so it'll stay with you a lifetime of memories, & the fun of learning. Cathy
I too, wish I had started much earlier.

Most suggestions for the beginner in genealogy state "ask your older ancestors…." I AM the oldest in the family. It is true that I listened to family stories growing up, but my, grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles were all gone before I started to work on genealogy.

Be glad you are not making that mistake.
My name is Dan, I live in Vermont. I've been researching my genealogy for the last five or six years. I'm kind of hung up in the 1810's using family headstones and photo's. My Gram passed away this past February, She was 102 years old. She was great to talk to about family.
I understand my Gram lived until 96 and she had the history in her head and I was to distracted to pay attention at the time to really listen to her and now she is gone as well as my parents so I continue diggins.
I am Pamela Moore and have been a member of Heritage and Root Magic for several years. I have gathered lots of information. But I thought I would try a new way. Alot of my relatives came from NC or Virginia Stinson Walley, Brooker and Strickland. I am focusing on finding Martha Strickland Stinsons's parents and her line. She was born about 1810 and married Preston Benjamin Stinson about 1840 and lived in MS area until Preston died and then Martha moved in with one of her sons. I have had conflicting info on whose lines she comes from. Can anyone help. Thanks Pam Personal E Mail
Hello ~ My name is Monica Palmer and I'm a newbie to genealogy. I actually dabbled in it back in 2001 and found some paternal relatives that I never knew off of But life caught up with me (I had a baby) and it had to be put on the back burner. I've recently started up again (oddly, when I had my 2nd baby) and have been bitten by the bug. I was pretty obsessed with it the first 3-4 months, but since I still have to take care of the family, I try to do as much as I can without letting the kids go hungry. :)

One side is the following: Perry (Azores Islands, Portugal), Lucas (Portugal), Wages (have not gone back far enough to know), Legge (Kansas & German Russia), Linenberger (Kansas). This information is not fully complete.

The other side is: Rienerth (Ohio & Austria-Hungary), Konnerth (same), Hetrick (Ohio), Brickman (Ohio). I don't have too much information on this side.

My research has been willy nilly up until this point because I have this sense of urgency that I have to get information out of the living relatives, but everything excites me so I've been all over the place. But I am going to focus on my two grandmothers, beginning with my paternal side because I don't know anything about her.
Hi Monica. I started before My family started, but I brouhgt my few newsletter & love the family & have been working on the internet for a number, 20+ years now, so if the bugs bit you go with it, & leave your love of finding more about your family with your family by writing & educating other in the family with the family! That's what I've tried to do anyhow! Talk with your older relatives, if you have any still alive, gr, aunt/uncles & really anyone that might have tidbits of info to put together to give a "picture of the families" that make up your distant family, of like a generation or more ago! Collect pictures that tell of the struggles of what your family has gone through, maybe a tradition of military service for example. I still don't have, but binders with all my info in, but you can store it in archival plastic pages! And pass the pages out to family members so everyone might have a copy in your immediate family if they wish them!
I thougth when I was interested in High school collecting obituaries out of the paper that I was different, but I was just collecting history, & so are you with your family. Luckily my family were all in those papers, so some have all the important info in them & some don't, but I usually try to collect the obits if you can, by the way! Most give a great history of the person's life, & you can get them sometimes, from the funeral home if you know where that is of course! On the internet there's a great place called RAOGK called the Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness & they'll look up obits for the different counties, so don't hesitate to look on the web for all kinds of help. I do that for my Lake Co. FL.
I hope I inspired you to keep plugging, Cathy
Hi, My name is Sandy. I live in Delaware County , PA . Really got into my geneology after my mom passed. I found out lots of info about my dad when he was in the Navy and it went from there. We go back to the West Family of Chester County/Delaware state . Back to the Lord De La Warr ( an Uncle or something) looked into my Dad's side of the family and found out we are related to the Fulton's (another uncle) that had something to do about the Johnstown Flood ( something about telling them the dam wouldn't hold I think ) I'm still looking into all this. Some of the names in my family are :
Hibbs, Craig, Thompson, Godsey, Biddle , Fulton, West
My husband has been a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints and he is doing some research and helps other member of the Church with thier geneolgy.
Hi Sandy I spotted that you are doing Craig. get back to me on that one. Mine are from Western PA, Beaver county, but know next to nothing, but might be connected? It's fun doing this genealogy stuff & being able to be in touch with some many great people, & the opportunity to meet so many "cousins!" Cathy



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