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I got started with family history for some reason I no longer remember, by asking my Icelandic grandmother to write down what she knew about her family (I only wish I had asked my other grandmother to do the same). She gave me a five-page write-up that included who was at her wedding (including the organist) and her lineage for four generations. This later helped me get started, especially when I met some cousins quite by accident while on a personal growth course in British Columbia (I was married to an occupational therapist and my father came from a small place in Manitoba called Winnipegosis - seeing two sweatshirts across the room advertising occupational therapy and Winnipegosis made me say "These people I have got to meet, they must be family"). Turns out that my cousin's sister had already done a file of all the descendants of my ggg-grandparents, and was willing to pass me a copy of the file.

My father's line are Scottish and Icelandic. The Icelanders are easy - poke one and find a genealogist who probably is related ten or so generations back, if not closer. One of my distant ancestors is the brother of King Harold (of Hastings fame) - the brother who participated in an attempt to take his brother's kingdom away.

The Scottish line is tougher - my ggg-grandfather was John Fleming, no middle name, married in 1825 in Edinburgh. In the five-year span of his probable birth year, in one county alone, I find 40 John Flemings, so taking that line back is going to depend on finding the right distant relative,

My mother's line is, on the surface, easier. She is descended from an English couple who came to North America in 1825, with their (probable) first son born on the ship. However, I cannot find any manfest listing them, so I have no idea where in England Charles Handy and his wife Mary came from, so I am at a dead end there.

Currently, I am focused on making sure I have documented everything I have so far discovered.
Hi, I'm Tara... I'm a long time hobby genealogist focusing mainly on my own family history and more recently, my husband's.
Howdy! I'm Luckie Daniels a descendant of emancipated slaves from Washington-Wilkes Georgia.

Shortly after the passing of my Maternal Grandmother, Fannie Louella Jackson Barwick, I established our Family website,

I'm also busy discovering more about my Alabama {by way of Cincinnati} roots via!

By day, I'm a Sr. New Media Project Manager for Tribal DDB in Dallas, TX.

I'm committed to genealogy preservation and utilizing all the benefits modern day technology affords in this effort.

I'm also proud to be named as LowCountry Africana’s Georgia Records Coordinator and Moderator of the LCA Forum here at GenealogyWise.

Looking forward to meeting TONS of new GeneaFriends!:-)

Hello everyone! I'm 29 years old and live in Western New York. I've been researching since I was 12, when my grandmother asked me to go with her on a trip to research my grandfather's family and try to find a gravesite. We never did find it, but I've been hooked ever since!
Research has been on the back burner for me since my daughter was born (she's two now), but I'm starting to ease back into it. I can't stay away any longer!! The surnames I am researching right now include Gentner, Lowry, Neumann, Koster, Amann, Long, and Smith (of NE PA), among others, of course. I enjoy connecting with other researchers to share the information I have (I have an extensive database of Western New York families), and hope to someday put it all into a website of my own to share with others. I also have quite a collection of news clippings, prayer cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, etc., and will someday catalog them to share.
My research is in Livingston Co. New York . Samuel Sawdey married about 1869-1870 to Mariah Jinkins.
Their first child was born in Batavia and 2nd child was born in Mt. Morris This was information given from one of the descendants. I have not been able to prove their marriage or find any Jinkins family in that area during that time.
The information I have is that Mariah died around 1878.
Does anyone have a connection with either the Sawdey or Jinkins family?
Thank You
Hello Gene,
Thanks for your reply. The Samuel in 1870 with wife named Francis is the Samuel I am researching.
They divorced I guess because she married someone else a little later. There were no children.
He is also listed on the 1875 Avon, Livingston Co. NY state census as
Samuel age 25 farmer, born in Livingston Co.
Mariah wife age 20 born in Livingston Co.
Nettie dau. age 3 born in Livingston Co.
John son age 8/12 born in Livingston Co.
The next census 1880 Samuel is married again living in Orleans Co. with wife Estella. The child age 2 was Myrtle.
My ancestor is John. I have traced him till his death. There was a probate on one of Johns uncles and John named a sister Nettie, 3 half sisters Myrtle, Pearl and Arolean. He futher states that his mother died about 1878 in Mt. Morris and is buried at Coon Lake?
I am trying to find who Mariah Jinkins parents and where/when did she marry Samuel.
Thanks for your help.
Thank you for your help.
I will check out the sources you suggested.
My name is Wini Caudell and I've been involved in genealogy for 10 yrs.. It all started with an old picture on the top of my aunt's dresser. I especially love Swedish genealogy because so many of my ancestors came from there. I spent a year in Sweden in the year 2000 and researched my ancestors back to 1551. It was a wonderful experience!

My friend and I are host of Illinois Ancestors. I'm the host for 7 counties for Illinois and a Swedes in Illinois web site. We also have a Tombstone Project where people can add their own tombstone pictures. It now has over 63,000 photios on it.

Not only do I love my genealogy but everyone elses too!
I'm a mom and have been for almost 8 glorious years!
In 2005 my stepson (and the entire 5th grade in my school district) was assigned a heritage project, an in-depth look at one country of origin, a scrapbook/photo album to prepare, a poster depicting his family tree and a yummy recipe to prepare for the Heritage Day feast at the school. His mom and I set out to help him achieve all of this, and what a smashing time we had, working together to create a lasting document of his life.
Now I have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader while my stepson is off to high school. And since May 2005, when I worked with him on his family tree, I've been actively engaged in documenting my own for my kids. I have utilized many sources, some with great success. After posting a last name and town on one of the sites, a cousin contacted me and has sent me a list of over 1000 people!
I find researching my family to be very additive, but in a good way. And I am thrilled I will be able to organize something really special for my own children.

Hello, I go by the name Jenni. I am a 31 year old, single mother of 3 wonderful kids. Douglas is 15, Tayah is 11, and Mathew is 5. I am currently a part time merchandiser for a dvd company called eplay and a full time student with University of Phoenix Online at Axia College. Studying for my Associate's Degree in Pharmaceutical Administration. I am very interested in genealogy and family history research. I am also a writer in my spare time and I love social networking and blogging. I love meeting people from all over the place and discussing things of interest to one another. I look forward to meeting my new friends here and learning more about you all.

Hi, I am Joyce Garrott, I live in Trigg County, Kentucky where I was born and have lived most of my life except for a few short periods. My main focus is in Western Kentucky as that is where both my family and my husband's family has resided since mid 1850's. But I have done research in TN, SC, NC, VA and OH. I am one who is constantly looking for old cemeteries and photography them before the stones are no longer readable. This is one of my favorite hobbies, strange I know. I started this when I decided to get a photo of the grave of everyone in my family for had passed on. I put this along with their death certificate if I can locate one.

Family Names are:

Joyce, I am also interested in Western KY, Graves, Hickman & Fulton Counties, to be exact.  Both sets of grandparents came from there--Hollands & Clarks, Graves Co., especially.  I have done lots of research in that area & still have lots of cousins that live there.  Since you specialize in cemeteries, the ones I've taken pictures at are Pleasant Valley, Pilot Oak, Camp Beauregard, Water Valley, Spence's Chapel in Graves Co., & Clark Cemetery in Hickman Co.  Do you know these?  There are others I need to get to but haven't had time yet.  I live in TX & travel through KY once or twice/year on RV trips.




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