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My primary focus is tracing the origins of my direct paternal line of MARTIN. My 3rd great grandfather Charles MARTIN was born c1770 in Magdeburg, Prussia. He came to England via France (gentleman's servant) about 1795 and joined the British Navy. He was a man of colour and spoke several languages fluently. Y-DNA testing tells me my ancestry is Native American. I have no idea where in the Americas my roots lie. I suspect my ancestors were taken into slavery, assumed the surname of their master and were transported to Europe.

I live in Victoria, Australia.  I emigrated to Australia from Wales in 1961 with my family and would really love to learn Welsh again as I lost it along the way. 

I started my genealogy journey in 2001 and have learnt quite a lot about my family since then.  I became interested in genetic genealogy about 5 yrs ago when some of my family members did an Ancestry DNA test.  Luckily I had my mother, brother and mother-in-in-law to test.  I have found an unknown great grandfather for my son-in-law, his half brother's father and in the process found a half aunt to both who popped up on Ancestry who only lived 15mins from me.  Unfortunately, I am now addicted to genealogy and do not have much time for anything else hahaha. 

I now manage and share 20 DNA kits as I help family, friends and others, some of whom are adopted or illegitimate.  My current focus, which I have been working on for nearly 4yrs, is for a friend of mine J, who was adopted.  J also has an adopted (no birth cert or adoption file as yet) 1C  who popped up on Ancestry.  To compound matters both of J's maternal grandfathers were illegitimate and her 1C hasn’t, as yet, found her bio mother’s name.

Hopefully, this course will extend my knowledge in genealogy and genetic genealogy techniques to go further in my quest to find all the missing links.



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