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Hi Lizzie

We need to investigate our TAYLOR line.  My gg grandfather was William Taylor, born in TN in 1852.  He was in Wise County TX in the 1880 census married to Lucy.  They had three boys, Leon, Ernest and My great grandfather George Orrien.  This is the only census I can find them together.  The boys were orphaned and where in AL by the 1900 census.  My grandfather was in the orphanage and was adopted by Will and Pheraby Sherrer. The older two boys were never adopted and used the TAYLOR name.  I think we may have a connection here, but with all the William Taylor's you can never be sure.   

Susan Sherrer Richmond

I am Vicki (Koller) Hartman and I have been doing genealogical research since about 1998ish. My main concentration is in the four Pennsylvania counties of Adams, Berks, Lehigh and Northampton Counties. There are bits and pieces in other counties and states but the main focus is here. I have started some DNA research as well on my husband's Hartman line. I Haplo Group. I pretty much live, eat and breathe genealogy, at least according to my husband! I'm working on my own website and I transcribe and host sites with GenealogyTrails as well. I love making connections in the genealogical world. I will also admit that I am a stickler for sourcing and proof of connections. This is my biggest fault...however I feel it's not a bad thing for a genealogy researcher. I also love cataloging cemeteries. I have started in the county of Adams in PA and am making a concentrated effort to do as many as I can while I am able. I figure in 30-40 years I will get to some major databasing when the stomping around cemeteries is more difficult due to my age. :-) I will do what I can when but I can always store the images for now.
Being a stickler for sourcing IS NOT a fault; I believe it is a must. (I would add "proofread, proofread, proofread"!) The proofreading is especially important when you are researching a family with varied name spellings. One of my lines is Kimmel, Kimmell. I have to be triply sure that I get the correct number of l's in each name, because the spelling will vary within a family group — one brother will be different or father and son will differ.
Being careful of facts is what makes our work useful to others, both now and in the future.
If there are no sources for assertions, why would anyone believe them? Any research must be documented to be worthwhile.
Hi All,

I'm Wilson, from Victoria, Australia, I have been doing family research for about 20 years,. My main focus at the moment is Maynard, i have traced them to Sevenoaks, Kent, England, where i sit at my brick wall. I just love researching and my only bug bear right now is lack of time to do as much as i would like. I love wandering around cemeteries and looking at headstones. My grgrgr grandfather is reported to have learnt to read off headstones, so maybe it is a genetic thing :-)
I love the Legacy program and look forward to chatting to others using the same family tree recording system.
Hey, I have BONHAM-CARTERS in Sevenoaks, Kent.
Hi everyone. My name is Carolyn. I come from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My genealogy interests are in Canada, Scotland, England and Ireland (may branch out to the US soon). My current focus is trying to keep what information I do have organized :-)

Visit my profile for details. If you have questions, email me at
Carolyn are you researching the Brogden line?

'Lo everyone, I'm Ryan Williams, I'm 15, been researching for about 3.5/4 years now, something along those lines, since age 11.

I'm originally from the Nanaimo Area of British Columbia, Canada, where my family has lived since 1851. I have a very, complicated ancestry. Very Canadian. In order of most ancestors of one type to least it would be, Scottish, British, Irish, Welsh, Native Indian, German (in the 1700's on two sides), French (way WAY up there, norman conquest times), Spanish (again, way way up there, norman conquest times)

I'm interesting in an extremely large list of continuously expanding surnames, so I'll list the ones that I can think of off of the top of my head,

Williams - Welsh/English
Smillie - Scottish
Briscoe - English
Neale - Irish
Murphy - Irish
Donald/McDonald/MacDonald - Scottish
Noble - Scottish
Gilson - Scottish
James - English
Smith - Scottish
Hinksman - Scottish, with German or English origins
Rhodes - English
Brigham - English
Mays - English

And I'm an Ancestry member for the next year, so if anyone wants a lookup, then just give me a shout, I'll be happy to help in any way, if I can. I can be reached by email at or


Do you have an Ambrose Williams in Canada?  Althought my Ambrose Williams was in Virginia early on about 1750, I find a Mormon record in Candada who is related to an Ambrose Williams somehow so it is likely I have Williams collateral lines in Canada.

Well, I've been really interested since high school I used to collect obituraries, & didn't understand why I just like to know how a person's life progressed, & discovered after i officially got interested I looked back at the ones I collected & discovered that I had some of my relatives which was an added bonus too! I grew up in the largest county in OH, Columbiana county in N eastern part. And been interested in genealogy since about 1985-6, when I met & attended my first meeting, & still in touch with a few that still send me obits, when i ask them. I started doing my maiden name, Cain & then Coleman in OH but discoved my Cain/Wrights were from Beaver County, PA (Western).
I'm still doing those lines, but have started my husband's family, that is Barrett, Taylor, & Raber to start with, & allied families which have been keeping me busy!
Other allied families include: Plummer OH And MD, & Washington Co, OH, Palmer (Baltimore, MD( and Columbiana co, OH) Englsih, Spears, Ward, Bott, including WVA Shavers, & Pickering.& Elwood Barnett (St. George UT) died in 1970's. Halstead. Craigs in western Beaver Co. PA
Looking for brick walls: Garnett Pickering Pratt(Wood Co.WVA? ) Elisha McCain 2 families in OH
Hello I'm Maureen an live in Qld Australia. I started family history a few years back and enjoy finding new pieces of info and other people who are researching the same names as myself in Cornwall. My main surnames are Gumb,Brabyn and Landry around the areas of Linkinhorne,Callington and Newlyn East.



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