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Hello to everyone at Genealogy Wise,

I am Anna Barger married to my Husband of 44 years; Live in Neustadt, Ontario Canada.

My husband's knowledge of his family history was very limited so about 15 years ago I decided to find my husbands family. Bought a new computer and never looked back. Along the way I gained and found more knowledge about my husbands family. He was not aware of any of his aunts or uncles on the Barger side. I started on a old site, and there I met some of his family and was able to get some family info. And! my search was on its way ;Today I have close to 900 hundred people on our family tree  site, However I am at a road block, My Husbands great Grandfather is Joseph Barger born 1820 as per census born in Germany, Married Hannah Geiger they had 8 children. I found 3 of them however am at a loss as to where the other 5 children went . I can't find where Joseph lived before settling in Vaughn Township , York County, Ontario Canada where he had all 8 children.

I noted that there are so many Barger families in the USA however trying to connect and find how we may be related is a huge challenge. If I  find who Joseph's father is it may put me in the right direction. 

  Due to some health issues I had to stop research for a few years and now am eager to complete my projects for my Granddaughter.  I also started a family tree for my Wowk side of the family tree, which takes me to Ukraine and that is a big challenge . I don't have any degrees in research just long hours and learning on my way.

Maybe I will meet people on this site that can help and am hoping I can help in return.

Regards Anna Barger

I have been researching the Reedman family for many years and now have a documented main paternal line that goes back to Christopher Reedman, who was baptised in Barrowden, Rutland in 1595. The history now has thousands of entries that span the UK, Australia and Canada and I enjoy a great network of fellow researchers both in the UK and in the countries to which the family emigrated. I am now beginning the long task of putting together the Reedman One-Name Study, as well as continuing my studies with Pharos, aimed at professional Genealogist certification.

I am a volunteer genealogy researcher with the Here In The Past Project in Brighton and Hove, UK and am currently leading work related to the life stories of the pupils who passed through the Warren Farm Industrial School in Rottingdean, which was part of the Brighton Poor Law Union.  


Good morning!  My name is John Meng-Frecker.  Meng is my wife's surname and Frecker is mine.  Her paternal side is Meng and her maternal side is Witherspoon.  My paternal side is Frecker and my maternal side is Flood.  We hyphenated both our last names in 1981, unusual for then.  I am researching all four of these surnames and building unique family trees which you can see at  My approach to a new design (instead of horizontal or vertical layout) is to examine family trees from the top!  I use a circular format and date rings radiating from great grandparents in the center.  The center is the trunk of the tree and branches are families who grow outward from great grands. These are descendant trees including living family members (for personal use). Cousins from related families appear adjacent to each other.  Children can see how they are related to their first cousins on the outer branches of the tree. With this format I can fit a family tree on an 18" x 18" square up to 26" x 26" square (or larger).  The rings identify decades.  What is interesting is setting my maternal tree next to my paternal tree.  As I push them closer together I can see the intersection of respective date rings and the relationship by marriage of more cousins.  Contemporary cousins are found along a modern date ring.  I call this the "confluence of modern time".  More about that on my blog at


Hi from Kansas!  I have been doing personal genealogical research for several years, but when I moved to the KC area, I discovered a goldmine of repositories here:  the National Archives, the Midwest Genealogy Center (the largest public freestanding repository in the country), the enormous research department of the National World War I Museum.....   After I learned that only a small percentage of all information has been scanned and digitized so far, I decided to become a Field Genealogist!   Now I go out and do the physical search for hard copy document and photographs.   I love it!  It is thrilling.   I go to small town courthouses, newspapers, antique stores, cemeteries, and the repositories,   I can’t wait to see where my clients will send me next!

Excellent!  Stay safe out there in the field.  


Will do!  Thanks Al

Hi I just joined this site. I am Amelia Betty Bowers Risk. I am working on my family tree which has many branches. Bowers, Nidiffer, Barnett for me starting where I grew up in E.Tennessee. Also for my son the Risk and McMillen families primarily in New York and Pennsylvania. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am aware of the Bowers family around Myra and Jonancy ,Kentucky.As for the Barnett's, checkout Pulaski county,mo.My Boehr line is from the Bristol area.

Hello my Bowers line is in Johnson City, Tn., Elizabethton, Tn. and Pennsylvania..Bristol is not far from Elizabethton and Johnson City.

My Booher line came from Penn. to Paperville area around 1800.The reason i know of the Bowers in Pike County,ky. is that i served in the Army with James Bowers of this area.The family seems well established in this area.

My Boohers came from Sullivan County,tn. They migrated to Missouri In the late 1850's.Since they had all daughters their reords are gone now.However it was a large family and spread out your area as well.

I'm working on an Irish Certificate and I've learned so much! I'm researching surnames Roddy (Mayo/Roscommon), Morrisroe (Mayo), Carroll (Kildare/Dublin) and Ruxton (Offaly).

I live northwest of Chicago and have been doing research about 7 years. 



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