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I'm new to the field of Genealogy.  My interest started when researching my mothers family,  We were searching for ancestors that fought in the American Revolution so we could join the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution Society.  I'm now interested in researching my father's side of the family (he's from Ireland).  I'm also interested in research on Canadian United Empire Loyalists.  Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

Welcome !  Yes my some day list also includes documentation to join the daughters of the American Revolution Society. Its tough finding correct documentation. Good luck finding roots !

Hello, my name is Kerry Atkins, a retired HR generalist from Connecticut. I started dabbling in family research about 20 years ago and recently committed to doing a genealogy do-over, which, for me, means investing in my genealogy education and putting what I learn to practical use.


In February, I enrolled in the American Records certificate program at NIGS and have completed Methodology 1 & 2. I am now taking Social Media for the Wise Genealogist. Previously, I took the Genealogy Essentials course at Boston University. I also belong to genealogical societies in and around New England and volunteer on preservation projects when I can.


The focus of my research project is my paternal Ferguson line in Slate Valley, a small area along the Vermont-New York border. My ancestors were among a diverse group of French-Canadians, Welsh, Irish, and Italians to migrate to the Valley to find work in the slate quarries. Other surnames of interest are Douglass, Duprey, Dwire, Shambeau, Ackley, Capron, St. John, and Smith.


Like others, I too am looking forward to getting to know everyone and hope to connect soon!

Welcome Kerry, hope you find what your looking for, sounds like you are taking the right classes ! DNA also can be beneficial ! 

I am an absolute beginner when it comes to DNA but did have mine tested last year through Ancestry. The results indicate I have a genetic connection to the early settlers of New England and Montérégie, Québec, French Settlers. Cool, even if overwhelming.

Congrats on your excellent choices!

I'm just finishing up the Social Media Tools for the Wise Genealogist course, and am about to begin Methodology 2. I started researching my family over 20 years ago, and have loved the "hunt." Very few records were available for the part of Slovakia I was researching, so I was lucky to find the town's church records, going back to the early 1700s, had been filmed by the LDS Church!  I also research family in Mecklenburg, Germany, and Liverpool, Ireland, and Scotland. 

I live in New York's Hudson Valley, and am fascinated by it's history. Although my own ancestors did not enter this country until 1892, I love searching nearby for records for others.  I think of genealogy as looking at history through a microscope - learning about the people, not just the events that shaped history. 

Hi, I live in Richmond, British Columbia but am originally from Winnipeg. My Dad was born in the Netherlands and came to Canada when he was 5. I have been able to research my Dutch ancestors back to the 1700's....Woerlee, Kloosterman, van den Hoek and Wijnhoven are the main lines. In Canada on my mother's side I have been able to go back 16 generations to the 1600's when my ancestors came over from France to settle Quebec, then travelled west as fur traders and settled in Manitoba. My main lines are Boyer, Lavallee, delaronde and Chartrand in Manitoba. I have had my DNA tested and have had lots of I need time to follow up all of the leads.

I have been working on my family history for almost 50 years now. Of course I have lots of brick walls but from time to time get a new lead....very exciting.

Hello from Susan Dzialo Hazelquist!

 I recently joined and am working on my family ancestors tree and will have it made into a book through “My Canvas.”

They produce a beautiful book!

i was wondering if anyone knows how to access records containing ancestors that were accomplished ballerina dancers in the 1920’s and 30’s?  My Grand Aunt lived in the Chicago Illinois area.  Her name is Mildred LaVoy, my grandmother’s sister on my fathers side.

if anyone knows anything about this please I need your help??

thank you!!

Susan Dzialo Hazelquist 

I was 5 years old and my grandmother was visited by the local Mennonite church to update the families, one of the many things I learned from her, the family is important.  I am 70 now and still hear things she said.  Her father was Mennonite but chose to serve in the Civil War, his farm was on the mason Dixion Line and he chose North, survived was captured and released but was in until the war was over.  My grandmother said he was the kindest person she ever knew.

I have been interested since then and still work 2 to 3 hours a day, it is so amazing to read something and for a fleeting moment it comes to life.

Anything I can do to help or maybe something you can offer me I am interested.

Rice, Shank, Boward, Bingaman and on and on.

Don Rice

My Dad would pull out the encyclopedia whenever I had an assignment that had anything to do with family.  He would start reading about people in Quebec with our last name and also his paternal grandmother.  Then he would say, "did you write that down".  Dad was bedridden before he died in his early 60's.  If he knew I was going to the Los Angeles Family History Center now Library, he would be so excited when I visited all day Saturday.  My parents would discuss which family was here the earliest.  My Dad would say Thelma come listen to this "my family was here before your family".  I became interested in the stories he told me that I wondered if they were true.  This along with finding my maternal grandmother's father started my genealogy journey.  I have never stopped.

I am a child of the world, by that I mean I have so many different nationalities.  My Mom called us Heinz 57.  Right now I am researching Nothern Mexico, Breslau Germany (Poland), and some Palatines in NC & NY.  I also like researching soldiers. 

We have volunteered at a Family History Center since the 1990s.


Hi Sandra,

I'm in NY's Hudson Valey, close to where the East Camp and West Camp Palatines settled in Ulster and Columbia Counties.  I'm in the archives often. Let me know if you need anything looked up here!

Marny Janson



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