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Hi, so glad you came over to join us. I hope you're able to find your 'missing' links. ;) It can be quite a journey with many set backs among the triumphs. At least you've got the one in 1700 known. The farther back you go, the fewer records you'll find. Check out those census records for the area you believe they lived in at the time. In 1850, the household members were listed, which will help.

My name is Emie. I have lived all over the U.S. and Europe. At the moment I am searching the Sinner family. When searching Jacob and Sinner I get a lot of sermons and bible passages. Oy! My family came form Russia via Canada. I have been doing research off and on for about 20 years. I am searching for SINNER, SCHLEMME, SMITH, VERCHEVAL, MATTHIES, DEARMONT, McMURRAY, AND FERGUSON.  Funnny, I am searching for peopel who have been here the shortest amount of time. The families that have been here in early 1700"s I have covered.

Good luck on the hunt Ernie ! Have you also done lots of DNA testing on as many sites as you can, and also put on the free site, spread the word ! Although I haven't broken down any brick walls on my family surnames, but Im still a believer in getting your lines DNA out there. Also accidently at 69 years old, I just found my paternal bio donor. You just never know what may turn up. 

I had my DNA tested through Ancestry but don't know how to download it to submit it anywhere else. I'm afraid I don't do computers well.

Welcome Aboard, Emie!

I hope you have an exciting journey through time as you search for your ancestors.

I am researching family names Kelley, Butler, Broderick, and Cronin.  They all lived in Cincinnati, OH from mid 1800s to present, and probably all came from Ireland before that.  I have a fair amount of data on the American side, but precious little from Ireland.  Hoping to find connections that might lead me back to Ireland.

Sounds like fun Kevin, have you also done DNA ? And put on free site Sometimes it helps. Happy Hunting ! 

I'm new to the field of Genealogy.  My interest started when researching my mothers family,  We were searching for ancestors that fought in the American Revolution so we could join the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution Society.  I'm now interested in researching my father's side of the family (he's from Ireland).  I'm also interested in research on Canadian United Empire Loyalists.  Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

Welcome !  Yes my some day list also includes documentation to join the daughters of the American Revolution Society. Its tough finding correct documentation. Good luck finding roots !

Hello, my name is Kerry Atkins, a retired HR generalist from Connecticut. I started dabbling in family research about 20 years ago and recently committed to doing a genealogy do-over, which, for me, means investing in my genealogy education and putting what I learn to practical use.


In February, I enrolled in the American Records certificate program at NIGS and have completed Methodology 1 & 2. I am now taking Social Media for the Wise Genealogist. Previously, I took the Genealogy Essentials course at Boston University. I also belong to genealogical societies in and around New England and volunteer on preservation projects when I can.


The focus of my research project is my paternal Ferguson line in Slate Valley, a small area along the Vermont-New York border. My ancestors were among a diverse group of French-Canadians, Welsh, Irish, and Italians to migrate to the Valley to find work in the slate quarries. Other surnames of interest are Douglass, Duprey, Dwire, Shambeau, Ackley, Capron, St. John, and Smith.


Like others, I too am looking forward to getting to know everyone and hope to connect soon!

Welcome Kerry, hope you find what your looking for, sounds like you are taking the right classes ! DNA also can be beneficial ! 

I am an absolute beginner when it comes to DNA but did have mine tested last year through Ancestry. The results indicate I have a genetic connection to the early settlers of New England and Montérégie, Québec, French Settlers. Cool, even if overwhelming.





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