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I am a retired teacher with a B.Ed. and M.A. from Canada, so doing research is part of my past life in education.  My family has three main nationalities, English, Irish and Swedish (as far as we know) and so my focus has been on these three trees.  I am currently researching the Swedish side of the family as it has mostly been neglected and while I'm making good progress, there is still a long way to go.  Later I'll pick up on the English and Irish side as well as getting the Military service records for both grandfathers and father.

I joined after an invite from my aunt (Gaile).
I also live in Canada and have personal interest in Genealogy and family history and started casual research when I was 17. Due to resources most of my research has been online, and at the city library.
Aside from English, Irish, and Swedish, I am French and German on my father's side.
My aunt and I are working on our Swedish family and a new family legend.

Hello everyone! I just wanted to stop in say Hi. I have been researching my own family history since about 1983. I added DNA to the mix a few years back. I love Genealogy. I am ever learning. I recently lost my Mother in February of this year. As a tribute to her I made a website about her family. I am currently working on a second website for my Genetic Genealogy. While I've been at this sometime there is still a lot I need to learn. Which is why Im here. Check out my Mothers Tribute page: Grover C. Esterline Family

I am also looking to make connections to anyone who may be related to the Johnson family from Duck Creek in Stoddard County, Missouri. I recently was able to confirm my Great Grandmother`s parents Isaac "Ike" Johnson and Elizabeth Lizzie Lowder. There just isnt much beyond Isaac`s father Miles. I also have many other lines on mine and my husbands side that I would love to learn about.

LOWDER in Missouri rings a bell, in connection with my POUNDS family!

OHHH it was MOWDER - sorry!  Nice website though!

Al Dawson in Iowa City, IA

Hi all, I'm Jan. Been working on my family tree since 1992. Then, I had to drive places to find information. Now, I sit at my computer and search.  The main family I'm working on is the Day's. Did my DNA test and am still working out what it tells me.   ~Jan


I've also taken a DNA test. Autosomal is limited to about three generations, at best. It's confusing. Hopefully both of us will manage to muddle through our test results. Nice to know I'm 45% Irish. A bit more than anticipated. I did the AncestryDNA, so I have what they're calling DNA Circles, which is a Beta program. I'm linked to people via DNA and others who have the same person in their tree. It's a nice way to find previously unknown family members, but I had hoped it would be more definitive in my connection to those in my tree. Oh, well.  Good luck!

Hi April,

My main reason for doing the DNA test is to find trees that would further my search for  my great-great grandfather. That's where I'm stuck in my searches!

I did the same test. I'm 85% Irish, which I knew would be the biggest %, though we thought it would be higher. I have the same as you; link to people and others who have the same person in their tree, but  the DNA Circles isn't working on my report page. I can't figure out how to get it to work.

Good luck to you too!


What browser are you using? I recently changed from Chrome to Firefox to what apparently is a more outdated Opera. Opera works better for me, however, I found I couldn't access my DNA Circles to the fullest extent. So, I called for some guidance. That's where I learned one of the newer browsers is better suited to the support of 

When I need to see my DNA reports, I use Explorer. Hope this helps. :)

I'm using Explorer. I'll try to reach Ancestry and see if they can help. Glad to know I'm not the only one that had this problem.  Thanks, April.


You're quite welcome, glad I could help. :)

Happy New Year, everyone!    I am a new member of Genealogy Wise but have been an active family historian for many years.   I am also a contributing member of FindAGrave.   I live in the pinewoods of east Texas (Angelina County) but am originally from Houston, TX.

I love history, especially seeking out the history of my lineage.  There are so many surprises along the way and it is so exciting when I pry open ta treasure chest ...  finding a new map to aid me on my journey.   Through DNA results via, I now know that (basically) I am 49% Ireland and 42% Scandinavia.  Maybe I am a Viking at heart!

I am pleased to be a part of your membership and look forward to collaborating on family history.

Here's to a new year filled with new friends and family near and far!!    

Best wishes,  



Dear Patricia,

Happy New Year and Welcome! Thank you for your work on Find-A-Grave!

My son lives in Lubbock, over on the western side of the state. He teaches at Texas Tech.


Al Dawson, Iowa City, Iowa - MA, Victorian History, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1973
Visit my ancestral website at:



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