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Hello Sandy,  I live in Racine Wisconsin .  I have some Thompson/Thomson ancestors  that  lived in PA.  His name was 

Hugh Thompson
BIRTH 1706 • Scotland
DEATH 1735 • Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States
He is my 6th great-grandfather

His family came from Scotland and a few went to Ireland. 

My branch here in the states went from PA --> Ct --> RI --> NH --> OH -->  WI --> Il


i also have Craig/Craige ancestors  Scotland to USA -  MA and CT and NY and Wisconsin 

John Wassall,Bangor,Northern Ireland formerly of Birmingham,England.
Amongst other things i am interested in finding out if my GT grandfather Giovanni Farina got American Citizenship,he went to Boston in 1906 his sponsor was his cousin Cisido Farina and stayed with him at 12 Greenough Lane,Boston, He applied for Naturalization,but i cannot find out wether he was accepted.
Hi, I'm Jim, living in the USA (south NJ), originally from Southampton, England, and looking to research my Dads family history (Stallard) and my Mum's (Barnes). Side interest in Mums sister married into the Stubbs family, and Dads sister married into the Wyles family. I'll be flying over to England again soon and want to pin down all the "known" family tree connections with my relatives, and then hope to get a tree up online at some site. (I've started a few here and there online, and keep loosing the thread, but I want to be able to devote more time and patience to this process!) I'm interested to hear from any online researchers interested in English families, as I'll not be able to do in-person research in the UK outside of a few days a year! I'm wondering how limiting that will be to my research, or does the ever growing influence of the internet negate much of the hands on file searching? All the best to everyone in their endeavours. Jim
I've been doing genealogy since 1984, both sides of the family at once, though most of my progress has been made on my father's side.

In August 2002, I founded the Rea Surname DNA Project (, which has since grown to about 100 members in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia. One of the most significant milestones in the project was the addition of MacRaes to the project, which was done because I had a theory that the Rea sept of the Clan MacRae was more than just a fraternal clan association. As it turned out, DNA matches between MacRae members and Reas proved my theory was correct; that there were actual blood ties between the clans and at least some of their septs. Currently, the project is focused on getting participants from Ireland and Scotland to join the project.

At this point, my research has bogged down in County Down, Northern Ireland. My g-g-g-g-grandfather Matthew Sutherland Rea emigrated from Newry, County Down in 1774 with his wife Elizabeth and their children James, Jonathan, Fanny, Margery and Robert Scott Rea. I am trying to find anything I can on the family in Newry, so far, without luck.

On my mother's side, I am perpetually stuck in North Carolina in the 1760s with my g-g-g-grandparents Joseph Cannon and Nancy Sitton. This line migrated to the St. Charles County area of Missouri in 1811 and there are living descendants all over Missouri today, especially in the St. Charles/St. Louis area.

While researching my father's side, I found, in my great-grandmother's line, several "gateway ancestors" by the time I reached the 1400s, and this began to lead me into the lines of nobles and, eventually, most of the monarchs of medieval Europe. So, those who are interested in finding royal ancestors, or who have found some, I'd be interested in discussing them.

You can see my entire genealogy (still always in progress) at:

Gary Rea
I began my family history over 35 years ago, when my two spinster Gt aunts were still alive. I am so pleased I did, as we would have inherited loads of photos, but had no idea who they were!

But...what interested me first was not being able to find my fathers birth certificate!

I am Vice Chair of the Sussex Family History Group. The group have put all the Sussex marriages from 1550-1837 that occurred in Sussex on to CD and you can now buy it from the SFHG. We also have an extensive Monumental Inscription index too. If you have ancestors in Sussex, you should really join us!

Anyhow, enough of this promotion.

I was born in Mainenhead, Berkshire in 1952, at 54 Allenby Road, and my mother tells me I spent the first few months sleeping in a drawer, as they did not have a cot. The drawer was not shut!!

We first lived in Courthouse Road, but then the family moved to Shurlock Row, near Twyford. Just a perfect village for my brother and I to grow up in. We lived firstly in a house on the Straight Mile called Sunnybrow, but then we moved into the heart of the village, and my parents ran the local newsagents, called The Candy Stores.

The family moved back to Maidenhead when I was 11, and then after two years ended up in Egham, near Runnymeade.

I worked for 9 years at Holloway College as a Chemistry Technician, but then I moved to Sussex, and am currently the Chief Technician in University of Sussex's Chemistry Dept.

I am particularly interested in my grandmothers maiden name, NORRELL, and have traced them in Sussex back to 1668 in East Dean, and then before that in Graffham.

I starred in one of the 20 digital stories that the BBC aired on BBCi after the first series of "Who do you think you are" The digital stories were put together in Milton Keynes, and the BBC paid for us to stay for a week whilst the stories were recorded. The whole excerise was lead by the genuis of Daniel Meadows, who guided us through the proceedure. I think my storey is still on the web on the Wales Digital Storytelling is called "Family Puzzle".

One of my ancestors was killed when the battleship HMS Glowworm was sunk. It is an herioc tales, and the whole episode was written up as a storey and published. It was called "Battle of the April Storm". The Captain, who's name was Roope, was awarded the VC on the recommendation of the German navy. Also, quite uniquely, the whole engagement that the German's had when they sunk HMS Glowworm was caught on camera......postcards can still be found on Ebay, and there is a website dedicated to HMS Glowworm. My ancestor William Knight, did survive the sinking, but died the day after he was picked up and is buried at Trondheim. His daughter Anita, died just the other day.

I am currently trying to put up on the web all the information I have gathered over the past 35 years!

That's it
Mick Henry
This is the link to my digital story.

Mick Henry
My name is Janelle. I live near Madison, Wisconsin and have been researching my family for about twenty-five years. I have discovered that my ancestors without exception came from the northeastern United States, most of them of British extraction. My current focus is attempting to discern which Connecticut Bennett family mine came from, which, when you consider the sheer volume of Bennetts in Fairfield County, is something of a chore.
Hello Everyone,
My name is Karen and I have lived in Washington, MO all my live. Have been doing genealogy for almost 30 years, and love it.
I am an active member in the local genealocial and historical society and do genealogy for others in this area.

Current focus on:
Barry ~ Ireland to Missouri
Grus/Gruss ~ Germany to Missouri
Luecke ~ ? to Missouri
Marquart ~ Germany to Missouri
Schmitt ~ Germany to Missouri

Would love to hear from anyone with these surnames.
Hi My Name is Alan Long from Dublin, Ireland. I am a true Blue Genealogist. And have been tracing my familys History for going on 24yrs.
I started the Ould way tracking into Library's, speaking to all the old Relitives I had still walking on grass. And it just seemed to grow and grow.
At present I have over 2000 Names in my Tree, with over 120 Surnames.
It seems that each and every day there are new Websites starting up, ready to fill in all your blank spaces , for a small fee no less.
I have found nothing of interest on any of them sites.
My Favourite is FamilySearch. I am also envolved in Indexing for them, a job worth doing.

Check out my Tree-

Regards; Alan Long
Hi Alan, glad to see a fellow TNG user!
Greetings, to All, my name is Gloria, I am not a professional genealogist, but have been researching for nearly ten years or so, with my Cousins, Neal and Fran Thompson, of Seattle, Oregon. The Thompson's are from my paternal Family side and are our Family Historian's and researching alongside of them, has been the most richest experience of my life. We have gone to the State of Texas and researched in numerous County Archives, public and private cemeteries, personal interviews, mortuaries, and Government Offices, in search of Family History. At this time, there are more than 9300 Families Descendents located and over 250 Family Surnames, thus far. Our research is an ever-going project, that began because of Neal's daughter's school project. I have learned my Family History that was not discussed around me and I have been able to verify the information that my Great-Uncle Cleophius shared with me and now I am in process of putting together a Family History Book for our Family to have as a teaching tool for the future generations to assure they know who they are and where their family originated from. I have been also gathering information for my maternal Family side as well from the State of Mississippi, from the Counties of Lawrence, Forrest, Walthall, Marion, Pike, and other Counties nearby. My Family and I are honored to be a part of such a worthwhile website and I hope we can gain valuable help and information, as well as share what I can with those that would like contact about additional information. I was working full time up until last week, when I retired from State Service and now ready to delve further into my Family History for both sides of my Family.
Hi, I'm Tonia and genealogy is my hobby, obsession, passion. . . I'm currently working on my DAR application. I have numerous Patriot ancestors, but have chosen to focus my app on the one who really got my interested in genealogy. I keep all my records (except for those pertaining to living people) online at my website, Tonia's Roots. I also blog about the family and my genealogy journey there.



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