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Welcome to GenealogyWise Paulette!

Thanks! I hope I wasn't too much of a gabber...

Where your Sumner be from ? I have a few in Kentucky and Oklahoma. 

My ancestor Samuel Sumner was born in North Carolina abt. 1786. He married Sarah Jane Clark b. abt. 1789 NC. They did live in Kentucky for a while, I think Floyd County, KY.

I've only traced back to 1848, Williamsburg, Whitley County, Kentucky, Nathniel Sumner and his wife Martha Meadors. Any connection ? They were off on a "side branch" in my tree so nothing shows in my Ancestry Autosomal DNA test for their names. 

Wow, you get surnames from your ancestry autosomal DNA tests? That's cool. I don't have any Nathaniel Sumner or Martha Meadors, sorry.

I am an amateur genealogist living in Minnesota.  The surnames that I am researching are Westphal/Hall/Salfer/Niederegger and Neubert/McHugh/McCann.

I am currently focusing on the Irish line that originated in County Armagh, and possibly County Cork.  Both families immigrated to Wisconsin, and eventually moved to Minnesota.

I am new to this site, and looking forward to learning from others who are on the same journey of uncovering and telling the stories of our ancestors.

I am researching the Anderson part of my family, min morsfarfarfar.  I need information about my great great grandfather Verner Anderson.  His son, my great grand father is buried in Odensaker parish by Skovde in 1945.  He is buried under Verner Anderson.  He was born in 1861.  I am interested in finding out where and when his father and mother were born and I can't seem to get through to that part of my genealogy.  Can anyone help? Tack.

Both my great grandfather, I think are buried under Verner Anderson.  My great grandfather was really Nicholas Verner Anderson.  After this father died, he started using Verner Anderson.  That is why he is buried in Odensaker Parish near Skovde as Verner Anderson.  Verner, Jr.'s father died either 1905 or 1915.  Some people believe he is the Warner Anderson from Tanum born in 1823 but I'm not so sure.  That Verner was married in 1848 and that would make him 38 years old when my great grandfather was born??? It gets confusing in the early 1800's because that is when the King said no more "dotters" just "sons",  Genealogy was getting too confusing when Anders Pettersson's son last name became Anderson. Does anyone know how I can figure all of this out? Thanks for any help.

My name is Linda Berry, maiden name Davis. I am trying to trace the Davis family in Michigan, the Gagnon family in Michigan and Quebec Canada, and the Peacock family in Michigan

My Davis family is from Michigan.    My dad, Alva Weagar Davis, was born in White Oak, Ingham County, MI.   His father, Charles Clark Davis, was born in Ann Arbor. 

My dad's name was Clyde Davis, and he was born in Onaway Mich. His dad's name was William Wallace Davis.



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