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I have been a genealogist since approx 2000 or before. I am getting better all the time. I have sent in my registration for admittance to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). We have a great chapter in our area. I am always learning and continue to research both of my parent's sides and both of my husband's parent's sides. I do my research online with alot being done on That is where I have all my family trees. Trial and error and reading is always the best teacher for me. I have not done a website yet, but that is in my future. I am very interested in knowing how my ancestors lived and why they immigrated to America. Some of my relatives came from Scotland in the 1600s.

Hi all... I'm Barb ... not new to genealogy but just found out about this site yesterday, so am jumping in. I have been working on my family tree (and my husband's) for about 3 years now, so I am not a beginner, but far from an expert. I have made some amazing discoveries along the way. The funny thing is ... I got into this thinking it would make a great hobby for my hubby who retired and needed a hobby. I've never been into history and am terrible with names, so imagine my surprise, when it turned out to be my hobby instead of his. 

I am looking forward to meeting you and hopefully learning more as well. I was born and raised in Michigan but have lived in Indiana for several years now. My ancestors came from Quebec, CA (Dad's side) and Germany and Austria (Mom's side),so has made for some very challenging and interesting research... did I also mention frustrating??? My hubby's tree is a little more straightforward, since they have a longer history in the states.

I have been posting on here for a while now, Im Kathleen by the way.

 I have an Ancestor Mary Ingram and she has let me know that something is not right with the family, and she has told me where to find the right information. So I went to and found her Baptism record, it turnd out Ive been going on my merry way with the Wrong Father. Ive had her with John Ingram and Mary Walker, I even went as far as the 1100 hundred. But No now I have to start over. Oh the Fun of it.

Hi I live in the Northern Territory, Australia, and have to do most of my research online.  My family is from South Australia and New South Wales, mostly of English decent with a few Irish, Scottish and Welsh scattered in there.  I would love to do genealogy as a full time occupation as I love the puzzle aspect of it, the challenge of making sense out of a few conflicting facts.  I originally wanted to know when, how and why my family came to Australia, now the challenge is to see how much I can find out about each generation and how many generations I can discover.


My name is Julie Eaklor. I have been interested in Genealogy since 1998. I live in Elko Nevada, (no not Vegas :) ) I was born in California, my families are from Colorado, but I grew up in Alaska. I am an office administrator for a small mineral exploration company. I have just begun my studies on the road to becoming a professional genealogist. My family on both sides are estranged from everyone else and getting any information from any of the cousins is an uphill battle. Still trying though. Stubborn runs in the family and I hope that I have inherited more than my fair share. :)  I am working on bits a pieces and have not yet focused on any one person. I am hoping the classes I am taking will help me with that.

Welcome Julie!

Is Philiburt your maiden name.  That name rings a bell.  While researching my Gore Family in and around Branson, MO, I found the Gores and Philibert Families were not related but neighbors who shared a friendship.  There is quite a bit of very interesting information on the Philibert Family in that area.  Some trail testimony, etc. 

Yes, Philibert is my maiden name but my family is not linked to the Missouri Philiberts. Thanks for checking with me though. 

I have an uphill battle with my relatives too. On my father's side my grandfather didn't share any of the family information, including the names of his parents, with any of the 12 children. There was a genealogist on an extended branch of that tree who put together a hard-covered book of that family with a lot of sourced material. I have been proving the rest of it slow but sure myself. On my mother's side I have been fortunate enough to have another genealogist on an extended branch who put together a booklet of names and some information, including copies of a family Bible a few generations back. The problem with this side is the genealogist is very close-vested about his sources and doesn't give them out too readily. I have done most of the genealogy source work myself for both lines and some extended branches. I have done enough complete research to have found a few of Civil War and Revolutionary War Patriots. I have applied, with strong paperwork and help from the members, for membership to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). I am very patriotic and love our local group. Lots of veterans in our trees from almost all the wars America was involved in up to the Iraqi war - my son was in that. I am very proud of all of them. I have really learned a lot along the way. I would love to be a professional genealogist, but I have a long way to go. Just working everyday one ours for now. I am retired so lots of time. Good luck on your road to being a professional genealogist. I admire the skill and dedication that takes.

Monica, Thank you and I envy you your time. I wish us both good luck with our uphill battles. 

Hello All !

I'm relatively new at this, just started the whole lookin for roots this past fall. Just found and signed up on this site today. I do have trees on - Dickerson_Szyszka .Also done Ancestry autosomal DNA test. Retired with some extra time between "granny daycare" job so I want to find where my ancestors came from, lived & died. How did I get here ? 

Anywhooo, my main  line is my late mothers -  Dickerson -  Vigo,Parke,Greene counties Indiana, Campbell, Scott counties TN, Whitley,KY, Morris NJ, Suffolk, NY, OK & Chambers TX. My brick wall is John Dickerson, PA 1791 and wife Rhoda Holland, GA 1800, maybe his father Walter Dickerson, NJ 1763 and his 2 wives - Heaton, then Garthwaite Also looking for "married into"  Dickerson's - LLoyd, Tribell, Rice, Heaton, Sharp, Thornton, Skinner etc. Throw in Szyszka and Wojciechowski for good measure.  Would love to share what I have with anyone looking along my same lines and looking for anyone thinking our lines are related. 

My husband's Lloyd family is stuck in Darlington, SC and I can't find my way out of there.  Earliest is William Gustavus Lloyd/Loyd, b1800, SC.



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