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Hello Veda,
My name is Karen and my Grandmother's maiden name is Asher, her father John Richard Asher married to Eliza Bunny. They were from PA. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you Al!

Could this be him?

Name: John Richard Asher
Event Type: Draft Registration
Event Date: 1917-1918
Event Place: Wilkes-Barre City no 1, Pennsylvania, United States
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 26 Nov 1892
Birthplace: Edwardsville, Pennsylvania, United States
Nationality: United States
Affiliate Publication Title: World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards
Affiliate Publication Number: M1509
GS Film number: 001927076
Digital Folder Number: 005271311
Image Number: 00298

John R. Asher in Find a Grave

Birth:  Nov. 26, 1892
Death:  Nov. 9, 1961
Fern Knoll Cemetery 
Luzerne County
Pennsylvania, USA

AHA!  On his WWII (Old Man Draft Registration) card in 1942:  Mrs Eleanor Neukum is mentioned as "person who will always know your address"

Oh - but 1910 census leads me to believe this John R. is the son of Eliza (a widow) - ande most likely your great-uncle - time for soup - it is 9 degrees outside

Ah - think I found Eliza BUNNEY with parents in 1870

That is my great great grandmother. What did you find???
I've seen and have that document....the one about Mrs neukum will always know....

Hi My Name Is C. ED Buckner,

I'm Be hunting my famile for about 36 Yr.. Looking for Buckner: Bowman: Brock: Cooley: Barrett: Coomer: The Buckners go back to NC from thire is a ? mark to were they came from, be it VA, German or were!

My family is from East TN, Cooley, Brock, Fox also are from East TN, The Barrett : Bowman: Coomer: are from East KY.

C. ED Buckner




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