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Hi Charma,

My family tree is chock full of McGeHees. My ggrandmother was Martha Jane McGeHee. She was born in Lincoln Co. TN on July 16,1865. Her father was George Middleton McGeHee.

Not sure but believe my ggrandmother had a brother in OK. whose name was John.

Maybe we are related?


Hello all, I just found this site a few days ago.  Seems like a lot of good genealogists roaming around this place- good to see.

As it turns out, every branch of my family known to me so far came from overseas straight to Brooklyn, NY and thats where stayed up until after WWII when everybody moved all around.  

My family has the following

Sheridans from Ireland - 1850's

Zimmermans from Germany - 1860's

Cosa from Sicily - 1900's

Gomez from Spain - 1900's

Murray from Ireland - 1850's

Joyce from Ireland - unknown

Morris - unknown

I also own, where I try to attract people looking for a New York Genealogist.  I love to help people that need it, but if I can't deliver results, my customers are out much less then if they had paid 5k for one of those big fancy genealogists for hire sites.  

If Anybody needs help in the Brooklyn area for a case you are working on, let me know you are from this site and I'd be happy to do a look up for you.  you can contact me on Facebook by searching the sites name, on twitter @bklynancestry, or e-mail me through the website.  All my contact info is there actually.  

I would love to trade links for anybody that has a blog or website related to ancestry.  the best way would be for you to write something for me to post in my blog section, and work your link into the text somehow.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.  thanks

Hello, I am interested in getting in touch with people with the haplotype K mutation

Fernando de Abreu e Silva

Hello Everyone,

     I am a person who loves researching and gathering information about Family History. It began when I was in Social Studies in the 4th grade. I laid on the floor at my great aunt's house in the French Quarter reading their newspaper on the , pen-pals section. I found two boys my age who lived in Norway. My introduction into family reunions and those stories plus a cousin had written a book with our family names. He sent a copy to the Royal Library in Denmark.  My years have been catching up with me and I am stating to forget. I have posted on a site with some family information. My heritage is good. My  maternal grandmother died when my mom was three. Before my mom died she got to learn her family connection over the pond.  John Speed the Historian and Map Maker of England is 400 years apart in our births. In the 1611 AD King James Bible it has his art charts of the genealogies of Jesus to the Virgin Marie.  

   I attended college, worked as a CNA met and married my husband in Ga. We got married two weeks after we met over 35 years ago. We have two children living with two baby boys being deceased. My husband retired and shorthly after had health problems. We are  without a vehicle and use public transportation to shop and see doctors. He's not getting much blood to his brain after having three strokes in 2008.  Three doctors have told us to get our house in order, months ago.  We are giving him all we can on his family. His dad was killed by a tractor road work accident. My husband was not quite three years old.  We met his Mills family when our son was not two years old. That would be around 1981. 

  I would like to connect my dad's family across the pond. He has an ancestor that was a whaler out of Portugal. He has the OLIPHANT Family that seems like a good place to work on. I have found where JAMES OLIPHANT-TEMPERANCE WILLIAMS  parents were OBADIAH OLIPHANT-MARY RICHEY.  .  Nancy E. OLIPHANT-SAMUEL SPINKS were his great-grandparents.  I have seen something months ago but can't locate it.  Nancy's parents , JOHN OLIPHANT-LAVINIA COLE led to a Choctaw Chief Coleman COLE.  I would like to check that out. 


John Oliphant and Lavinia Cole are my 3x great grandparents. I am not convinced of the Choctaw Chief connection. I have yet to find any solid proof that Coleman Cole was indeed Lavinia's father. I have searched high and low to confirm this to no avail. I have added the connection on in the hopes that someone would shed light on Lavinia. I can't find any record of her birth in Mississippi. Maybe we can swap information via email.

I can be reached at


I am not sure if I have posted here before as I joined to attend the Gentrek chats originally, but perhaps this is a good idea as well.

I am in Western Australia, so most of my research is either in Australia or in Great Briton and Ireland, although with finding more information in those countries I have found a cousin in the US related to me via a GGGG Grandparent from Ireland, that name was DRAKE, and there must be somewhere in the US or Canada other relatives related to me from one of my Scottish GGGG Grandparents by the name of BALFOUR, and I have found a living distant cousin of my daughter in law in Holland, related to the WIGGERINK family, so my research has gone now to a lot of places, I have also found what I think is a connection in the 1600's where and Irish direct ancestor married one of my husbands English direct ancestors, but I am having trouble to verify it, being so long ago.

I can help others on here find your missing ancestors who came to Australia  or van Diemens Land as the state of Tasmania used to be called, their convict and early free settler records are about 99% available and 95% correct, they kept the most accurate records and when other places destroyed theirs as not many wanted it known that they had a convict past, Tasmania kept theirs and now everyone want to have a convict in their family tree!! Times have changed!


just a few of my names are BLEGG or Blagg, Lucas, Balfour, Gladstone, Mahany, Drake, Denholm, Buckingham, Sproule, Orpen or Orpin, Rollins and its variations  and a few hundred others.

For any Aussie help just ask

Bleggy or Heather

Hello Everyone,

My name is Rob. I'm an early 30's beginner that has inherited a lot of stuff. haha  By nature i love to organize and i think that is a good thing because i've got boxes of things. Letters, journals, pictures, past genealogy papers, and lots of items. I'm fortunate in that my family has kept lots of items and have past down things. But these things have just been kept and no written history has been kept.  Well the word is out around the house that i'm interested in family history and the things have been coming my way.  

I built an Access Database to track family heirlooms.  Who originally owned them in the family, the date, price, manufacturer, current steward, future heir, item description, pictures, comments, appraisals, an assigned category to sort, and more.  I have about 500 items in there now and i feel like i finally have a grasp on things.  I've made summary reports for the items and can put them in my binder system. This is especially useful for those items not conducive to putting into a binder but the info is there all in one place.

Now that i have that mostly caught up i'm starting to organize the 'paper trail' onto my computer and sync that with my binder system.  I'm sure that will take a few months.  As you can probably tell, I like the records part and the research too.  I know by transcribing the letters and journals that i have some maritime history that interests me most i think because they have similar backgrounds as me (land surveying).

How do people preserve items? Old 8mm film? Glass negatives? Other delicate items?  Pictures and documents i have in acid free/archival quality sheet protectors but preserving the other things stresses me out.

Look forward to becoming a member of this community


Oregon, USA

Rob, you are very blessed to have those things. When a family member dies in our family its first come first served sort of thing.

 My parents say they have boxes of Family History records and then say they have nothing so who knows.

 But I love my Family History and Ive just found my 22nd Great Grandfather from 1175. which is exciting for me.

Hi, I have reached a brick wall in my search of my great-great grandfather Ransom Helton/Hilton. He was born in MS in 1818, married in McCracken Co KY in 1840, he farmed in Ballard Co KY, raised a family of 5 girls and 3 boys, and died there. I cannot trace his ancestry.  He might have had a brother or other relative by the name of Zadock who was born in 1809 in MS and also lived his adult life in Ballard Co KY. My uncle did the FamilyTreeDNA and it did not show any markers for the Native American heritage, however, my search seems to always go back to that line. It just seems like these 2 men came from nowhere! I would appreciate any suggestions and/or help. Thanks! Vicky

Vicky, if you go on there is a place there that you can click to get personal help for free.

Hello everyone. I'm from Indianapolis, living in Ladoga, Indiana. I've been interested in genealogy/family history since I was a child. I use to always ask my great grandma about our heritage and she use to tell us all stories. She told us how we have Native American in us, but even though a lot of her family has a Native American complexion, I cannot find any hard proof. That is the fascination that got me started. 

Recently, a friend of mine did some research on my side and my husband's side of the family. She did a great job doing pedigrees for us. Now I'm going in and filling in the family trees. I want to be extensive and thorough. I'm lucky to have the spare time to do so. 

Some of the names that I'm researching include Plunkett, Goben, Banta, Dowdy, Page, Scantlin, Fuller, Rush, Chappell, Young, Littlefield, Pinson, Cordes (France), Porcher(France to South Carolina), Balluet (France), De Cherigny (France, Plunket (Ireland), Monroe, Rathmore (Ireland), Lanthrop (Kent, England), Hopkins (came over on Mayflower, along with Fuller), Howse, Tinnin, Raymer, Horn Walton, Thompson, Lassiter, Cole, Sharpe Rhodes, Rymer, Walton, Eason, Luo (England), Holland, Ford, Romer (Germany)Powell, Fisher, Baker, Shambacker (Germany), Graff (Switzerland) Shueboker (Germany), Short (Kentucky & Tennessee), Gee, Johnson, Langford, Sims, Bugg, Pennington, Avories, Allen, Bean (Ireland & Scotland),Ross, Bates, Cherry (Shelby County, Indiana & Indianapolis, also Tennessee & Kentucky), Phipps, Shotts, Thomas, Cobb (Indiana), Deatley, Easton, Cobb (England), Shultz, Shontz, Schrock, Shultz (Germany), Nicholas (Germany), Jackson, Lee, Peterman, Lotshaw.....There are wayyyy more. I know this is a lot..This is only about half of it. My husband was adopted and I'm planning on doing extensive research on his biological family as well, as we have come to know them, too. Thank God. Anyways.... I know we only get one introduction here, and I was going to list them all, but I think this is already overwhelming. Thanks for taking the time to read all this.

Other than doing family history, I'm interested in crochet, doing things with my husband and our kids, church activities, spending time with my dog, Biscuit and reading.

Deb, Wow All my family came from England, but the Killgallon's came from Ireland, but I can't find much on them so far. But I love Family History and our stories. What books do you like to read? I love reading and Latch Hook. and going to the FHL in Salt Lake City.




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