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There is a George D. Perkins born in 1846 in Leon County, Texas in the 1850 Census. He is living in the household of  Barry W. Perkins and Lainey. In 1860, they are living in Nacogdoches County, Texas. In 1870, they are living in Washington County, Texas. Apparently, Barry has died, as Lainey is the head of the household. This does not give a death date for George, but does give his parents. If you have access to the census records, you may find other Perkins living nearby that may be relatives. If you have a address for the Oddfellow Lodge, chances are they may have a death date for George Perkins. Check the courthouses in Beaumont, Texas, the last county you have listed for him. Tell them your ancestor died June-Dec. 1884. They may help. I would check with the odd fellows first.

Also you could do a Google Search or what search engine you prefer, and you might find something there, I have found tons of information that way.

I started with the knowledge that my grandfather and his brother were placed in the Orphange in Corsicana with their mother going into the Widows' Home. No dates etc. Thank goodness my great uncle had done his mother's family lineage back in 1950's. He had typed it on onion skin paper! There I found Rosa had married George D Perkins in 1877 in La Grange TX. I also found out there was a middle son. Nothing ever mentioned about him. Two words document George D's death...."he died". There is also no mention of Rosa's second husband, David Pope. I have been to Corsicanna to the Grand Lodge and seen the actual ledgers showing where the Beaumont lodge paid  support money. The last ledger entry on George was the year end entry where from June-December 1884 they had paid support and also burial expenses. For the year 1885 they paid his widow support. In 1886 as soon as the orphange was complete she checked herself and boys in. No info on the orphange's books except names and dates. GGrandma Rosa checked herself and boys out of home when she married David Pope in 1886 in Corsicanna.

I have checked land records, census records, Family Search, etc. There was a George D Perkins who joined  Allen's Brigade (Confederacy) Texas 17th. Infantry but listed age is 27 and my George would have been 16 in 1862. I have checked with others who were from Berry's siblings line. As Dr. Paul Tanner says, preponderance of evidence leads us to believe my George is Berry's son. But no doucmentation found so far that actually links the two. The real kicker is I did find one piece of paper documenting that George was a member in good standing with the Oddfellows Lodge. It was called a visiting card and entitled him to receive his support anywhere there was a lodge. So that means he could have died and be buried anywhere in Texas. I can't even find out where Rosa was in 1885 which could have given me a clue. It is almost like he did not exist before 1877. No bible, no pictures, no marriage license, no letters...nothing.

That is why I appreciate any suggestions from people. One of those suggestions will be the clue I need or someone will find his grave and post it on Find A Grave, or maybe someone in doing their research will come across George D Perkins.



Hi Judy:
Don't rule out that Perkins just because he was older; some lied about their age just to get in. Order those records to see if you can rule him out as yours. And if he is not yours, get on one of the forums saying you have those papers and maybe you will help someone else find theirs. Also check land records to see if anything ties your George to Berry. He might have given him a piece of land when he died. Also, research the other names in Berry's household. One of his brothers might have mentioned him in his will. Or they might mention on of George's children in the will.

I know exactly how you feel. I have a William C. Baldwin that does not seem to exist before his marriage in 1842. I have been searching for his parents for 30 years, and still don't have names. Plus, I don't even know siblings names. He seemed to hang around his wife's family.

I have been looking over your data and have some questions about his lodge membership details and also concerning when the support payments first started. Where were these disbursements sent and to whom? A bank perhaps? Same question for the burial expenses. To a local undertaker perhaps. Was he still employed as a deputy sheriff in 1882 in Beaumont when George Jr. was born?

What became of Rosa's two siblings, William and Baily Lewis, that were living with them in 1880?

I am going to check your tree on Ancestry and see if I can figure out some of these datails. You may be closer than you think.

The Grand Lodge in Corsicana does not have all the early ledgers for the Texas lodges. I do not know when he joined the Oddfellows but believe it was in Beaumont.

I have talked to a member of the Oddfellow Lodge where we live and he stated that the nearest lodge where they lived would give him the money and note on their ledger. I don't know how they were reimbursed but think the support payment was cash. George received his first payment between Jan.-June of 1884 in the amount of 49.45 from the Beaumont lodge. The ledgers are only posted every six months.

After June of 1884 George and family moved back to La Grange. Some time between July- Dec. 1884 he died. His widow received the sum of 30.00 for burial expense. This is recorded on the Beaumont lodge's ledger. I have been told he would have been buried in an Odfellows cemetery or in a cemetery where they owned plots. Still looking in Fayette Co. TX for that. In 1885 his widow Rosa Perkins received 15.15 in relief.

I believe that George D. Perkins died of T.B. In a letter my great uncle (the eldest son) states he was told that his father moved frequently because of his health. He had been told his father was an accountant which I don't believe. My great uncle was 7 when his father died.

Why T.B.? George's eldest sister was married to a man who contracted TB in prison during the Civil War.Supposedly George, his mother, and his youngest sister lived with them in LA during Reconstruction. Not only did the sister's husband die from TB but also two of her sons did.

I do not know what happened to either William or Bailey Lewis. William died in 1885 and Bailey in 1899.

Really appreciate you looking at my family.


Judy, have you tried the newspapers?  They may have info about why your George Perkins was ill, or perhaps an accident that was reported.  Or an obituary--maybe you have tried these, but you didn't mention it, so...  good luck!

I haven't found any information about George Dallas Perkins in any newspapers. I went to the Fayette Co. Library and spent time at microfilmed newspapers and never found anything. Sometimes the old families give family documents to the library and I looked there too, nothing.

Next will be spend time at County Clerk's Office and look for the County Commissioner's meeting minutes. Since he was employeed as a deputy maybe if there are records for 1880 I might find something.


Judy -- I don't know if this adds anything new to your research, but Rice's founding president, Edgar Odell Lovett, wrote a heartfelt tribute about your grandfather after his death.

It's shown in a recent blog post by Rice's Centennial historian, Melissa Kean -- -- and also on pp 1& 2 of the May 11, 1944, edition of the Rice student newspaper, the Thresher:

-- Mike Ross (San Jose, Calif.)

Thank you Mike. I really appreciate the information. My grandfather died before I was born but I understand he was a special person.

Three years ago someone called from Rice asking questions about him but I was walking out the door to go to my daughter's funeral. I had often wondered if the article had been written but did not know how to find out. 

Too much confusion at that time to get details. 

Thank you again for sending this

Thanks so much for introducing yourself on the Rice History Corner blog. It will be great for the larger Rice community to learn more about what a wonderful person your grandfather was.

Hello Everyone,

I am very new to this I guess.  I started "playing" with genealogy when I was very young but didn't get very far and find myself drawn to it once again.  I am looking for information on my father's side first and have started with his dad's family because it seems to be the most viable primary route. At this point I haven't found much and feel that there is a monumental brick wall standing in my way.  I know that we are Ortegas, from the Chihuahua area of Mexico.  My grandfather's name is Oscar, he has one brother named John. My grandfather has told me that his father is from Mexico and he was born there as well but didn't specify if it was Chihuahua the city or the state.  His father is named Juan Ortega and he met my great-grandmother in Douglass Arizona (per my grandpa) sometime after WWI. Her name before marriage was Adela Marrios however her last name brings up no information at all.  My grandpa said that his mother was Pima heritage.  He also told stories of someone being connected to Pancho Villa and that Linda Rondstadt is a distant cousin.  I have found some names that are connected to Villa and Rondstadt however I have missing verified links starting with Juan Ortega marrying an Adela Marrios so I am unable to go forward to verify anything else.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.  Also do all sites and census records demand payment?


Marilyn, is free, you might want to get an account though. And some of the records on there are 3rd party and they do charge a fee like findmypast. Ancestry does have some free stuff on there website.



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