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Hello, I have looked for your relatives on and found a family tree that has your Greta and Hans Holmberg with son Richard in their tree.  They do not have Richard married to anyone, so no names of children--many trees do not post names of people who are still living anyway.  But there is a way to contact the owner of the tree.  The owner has not been on the site for over a year, but just on the off-chance that she still checks her email, do you want me to give her your contact information?  You can message me here or my email <> and I will send her your info.

I did find Hans in the 1940 Census, as a lodger working as a die-maker in Binghamton, NY, but his family did not live with him and I can find them nowhere.  It says that he was also living there in 1935.  I wonder if maybe Greta and Richard went back to Sweden for a time?  Or maybe their names were transcribed poorly and so mis-spelled that the search did not find them.  That happens alot!

Let me know what to do--good luck!  Dori  :-]

One more thing, Itt...  I thought maybe the way to find what you want to know would be by looking at phone directories.  I found where Richard Holmberg was living right before he died.  There are even lists of his neighbors with phone numbers!  It's a condominium area, and has the address, too.  If any of his neighbors are still living there they may remember the names of their children.  Do you know if his wife Nancy is still living?  She may still be there.  If you are bold, you can call the numbers, or at least write notes to the addresses.

Okay, believe it or not, there is a Hans Holmberg also living in Pinehurst, NC. Hans was Richard's middle name, so it would make sense that he might name his son Hans.  This directory only goes to the year 2002, so there is a chance they may have moved, but It gives Hans' address and phone number at that time.  (yay!)  Want it???  :-]

Itt, it looks like Dori has found a lot on your family. I advice many people to look on familysearch because I know that the LDS church is putting records on the site all the time.

As for the advice to look on Google I myself have found family on it as well his name is Allington Elliott.

I myself can't get on Ancestry or findmypast any more unless I go to my local FHL

 All the best Kathleen

My family is from Odensaker, Parish by Skovde, Vestergotland, Sweden. I would like to verify information I have on my ggf.  He is buried, I believed under Verner Anderson.  His name was really Nikolaus Verner Anderson b.25 January 1861 d. 7 May 1945.  His wife was Kristina Svenson b 20 Dec 1863 d  (I think, 14 Jan 19ll) location ?________, Sweden. Verner had 3 sons, my grandfather Arthur W. Anderson, Charley Anderson, and Ernst Elias Anderson .b.1891 in USA, died 1976 in Skovde, or Pavalstorp, Frosve, Sweden  Ernst, and his wife Hannah had two sons who stayed in Sweden .Ernest did visit Minnesota two times but always went back to his wife, Hannah, and two sons even though Ernst Elias was born in Minnesota. Hannah wanted to stay in Sweden with her family.   Nicholas Verner and Kristina Anderson lived in USA from 1886 - 1900  Verner and Kristina went back to Sweden in 1900 because Christina's parents needed their help.  My 2nd cousins are Ernst Ingmar Anderson b 23 Sept 1923, d 13 June 2008 and Nils Henry Anderson b 31 August 1921 and d 24 May 2000.  Are these two sons buried at Odensaker or Ryd (Skovde, Sweden?)  Is there any way to find out Nikolaus Verner Anderson and his wife Christine Anderson's parents' names so I can take this research back one more generation.  After Christina died, my ggf remarried and moved 300 miles away.  Who was his 2nd wife? Verner had to be in his 50's when he remarried, but that doesn't mean he could not have fathered other children with a younger wife. (I know he remarried after 1916 because he declared himself still a widower in 1916. As far as I know all my Andersons who moved to America went to live in Minnesota.  Those that stayed back in Sweden lived in Vestergotland close to Varing, Skovde, Ryd, Vamb (all in Vestergotland.) I would be VERY appreciative if you could help me. Thank you very much.  Tack sa mycket.

I have been to Sweden 5 times and feel very much at home there.  I speak a little Swedish and can read quite a bit.  I need to practice more oral Swedish.  I don't think too fast in Swedish LOL.  The last address I have for Ernst Ingemar (who went by Ingemar because his father was Ernst) was PL 8209 Ryd, 54191 Skovde, Sweden.  He lived there until he died in 2000.

Greetings from New Jersey!

I was born in Des Moines, Iowa, adopted as an infant, and have very little information on my biological parents. See

The results of my DNA test just came in. I used the GENO kit, which is more expensive, and so far, doesn't seem as good as some of the competition. My maternal haplogroup is H3as, and paternal I-P109. I'm 47% Northern European, 34% Mediterranean, 17% SW Asian (I suppose that means Middle East), 2.0 % Neanderthal and 1.1% Denisovan. That's pretty much all the data they've given me.

I have also done a lot of research on my adopted parents' ancestors. About 100 years ago, they all lived within 10 miles of Chelsea, Iowa.

I am the coordinator of the Tama County, Iowa IAGenWeb page.

I am retired, but formerly a math professor and radar engineer. Now I write science and science fiction, and dabble in astronomy and genealogy.

I am on facebook and also have a blog that has been dormant for a few months. Too many projects to keep up with!

Hello My name is Robert Wolford, and im documenting my family history, Ive worked the Wohlfarts all the way back to Johan Adam which arrived in Philadelphia in Aug of 1750. Im attempting to tie him to the Wohlfahrts of the Neckar valley region of Germany.

I live in Mobile al. I am looking for my grandfathers family. I have hit a dead end hoping i can get help here. My family comes from the Gadsden al area. My mothers father was a Jones and her  mother was a Jones. The only thing I know is my grandfathers name was Paul Opesaley Jones. He had an Aunt named Ethel and a sister named Lilian.  He marring my grandmother and had 2 girls, Barbara and Bonnie. I have been on My heritage and I need help if any of you have any ideas let me know

Cheri, Jones is like  Smith very hard to know whos who and how they are all related. Have you tried Its free but you might want to get an account which is also free ofcouse.

 I know that the Indexers are doing a lot of records Marriages Births and Deaths for your State.

Thanks Kathleen, I know and it doesn't help that my grandparents were 5th cousins. I am probably related to every Jones in Alabama in some way



Hello, my name is Dori, I live in Florida, and most of my lineage is here in the South: VA, NC, SC, GA and Florida.  What I have found out about my lineage is that about 90% of my known names were here in America before it was America! The other 10% I have hit walls, and intend to break through them with patience and persistence.  I am becoming convinced that anyone whose family has been in the South for any length of time is related to any other Southern family, by blood or marriage or neighbors.  I recently found out that my daughter and her future husband (now married) were related.  Haha!  My wedding gift to them.  :-] 

My brick walls are McKinney, Sineath, Davis, Isom, DuPree, Powell, Harkins (all those in SC), Knight (GA>FL):  my husbands line is still new for me, but in general, researching Lloyd, Register, Truitt, Snell, (all in the South), and Miner, Dowd, Burbeck, Drum, Whitehead (North).

So excited for this group!  Dori Emerson Lloyd  :-]


My name is Joe and I have been researching since 1995 when my Parents passed away. My mother lines were BOYETT and IVES and my Father GARCIA and GOMEZ, at least thats where I started. I have strong lines from the New England states and the deep south.



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