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Hello, my name is Dori, I live in Florida, and most of my lineage is here in the South: VA, NC, SC, GA and Florida.  What I have found out about my lineage is that about 90% of my known names were here in America before it was America! The other 10% I have hit walls, and intend to break through them with patience and persistence.  I am becoming convinced that anyone whose family has been in the South for any length of time is related to any other Southern family, by blood or marriage or neighbors.  I recently found out that my daughter and her future husband (now married) were related.  Haha!  My wedding gift to them.  :-] 

My brick walls are McKinney, Sineath, Davis, Isom, DuPree, Powell, Harkins (all those in SC), Knight (GA>FL):  my husbands line is still new for me, but in general, researching Lloyd, Register, Truitt, Snell, (all in the South), and Miner, Dowd, Burbeck, Drum, Whitehead (North).

So excited for this group!  Dori Emerson Lloyd  :-]


My name is Joe and I have been researching since 1995 when my Parents passed away. My mother lines were BOYETT and IVES and my Father GARCIA and GOMEZ, at least thats where I started. I have strong lines from the New England states and the deep south.

Hello everyone. I came across the site quite by accident a couple of weeks ago. Not having allot of free time on my hands leaves me being only an amateur genealogist. I have been researching my family lines for years ,off and on again. I have met some wonderful people along the way, many of whom I have kept in touch with ,some have become good friends as well as newly found relatives. I found that there actually was a considerable amount of information already available online by people researching the same lines. They have taken the line back to Ireland in the 1600's. Wonderful to know! Except that one troubling 5th great grandfather, Higgins Cremeans. I have found 3 ,or is it 4, fathers listed for him. So, my research came to a screeching halt. Even though some find it "ok" to add these findings to their family trees I simply cannot. To me it seems I would be following a family line that I could not truthfully say was mine. I cannot find valid documentation of a father for this man. Not one thing to tie him directly to any one person. He also seems to be the only child of a long line of family members that thought having 12 or more children was the norm. Did I mention that they all seemed to keep naming their children the same thing? Oh, and that my paternal grandmother and my paternal grandfather come from this same man only through 2 separate marriages, generation or 2 apart of course. Can anyone here give me any ideas of what I should do next? I love genealogy, it's fascinating. But, how do I get over or around this brick wall??

Rhonda, Ive seen the name Higgins Cremeans on Google, and there are records and Trees for him on It is free and with the trees you can contact the tree oweners and see what they can tell you. Also write to Ireland and see if they have any records, and how about Ancestry.

 Just some ideas that might help you.


Hi Kathleen, thanks for the response. I am a member of Ancestry. I have researched all the trees I can find on those sites. They all have the same information. Some have differing fathers and it is so hard to track. No one has anything helpful. Most say they just copied the info from another person's tree. I have tried Maryland's archives,also. Seems to be allot of information on everyone of that time period except Higgins.I am wondering if he was "adopted" by another member of the family, If his parents died it would have been possible. Right now he remains a ghost to me. I just can't put possibly false information on my search. 

I am retired from the technical part of the communications industry, piddled with family genealogy off and on over the years after hearing old childhood stories about missing links. Started with at the end of last week and now have 194 in the tree at last count. This is bringing back early childhood memories of people I can barely remember from brief summer visits to Kansas. I just never realized or appreciated the complexity of this subject.

I run gramps on Arch Linux for software and was referred here by a friend who runs Legacy on Windows.

currently researching the Cole family of Buckland Brewer and Great Torrington Devon England.  Specifically Thomas Cole born abt 1783 Buckland Brewer and Lewis Cole born abt 1826 Great Torrington.

I have been researching my family history for twelve years now. I have learned alot of information, like what not to trust, and what you can trust for information. Death certificates for one,, and in general what you find on the internet you have to confirm. Ten years ago so much information was free on the internet. I have alot of old notes which I found on the internet and seem to be all correct. Now they are all blocked or bought up by and you just can't find them anymore.  My relatives are mostly found in Texas. I have traced them back through Alabama, Georgia, N. Carolina, Virginia shores, to Europe. I have ancesters from Poland and Ireland. The names I am researching are Rzeczycki, Terakowski, McMahon, Magee, Nutt, Rape, Blaylock, Rhodes. I myself live in the Boston area of Massachusetts.  


I live in southern Ontario Canada. I started searching my family name HOLYOME back 6-7 years ago (maybe more now). I had always been intrigued as to where my last name originated from. I had a teacher who said Pennsylvanian dutch, others said England and so on. I have since found out that the Holyome name was originally Alliaume from France. Part of the Huguenot's that fled to England.
I have learned that all Holyomes are related.
I have picked up my family tree and would research on and off over the next few years. Then i started picking up and and research more. My grandfather was now getting interested and had revealed some interesting history about his family name GIRARD. we just needed to make the connection from a relative in our tree to another tree that we had believed to be ours through contact with another searcher. and yes we were finally able to confirm that my grandfathers ancestors had indeed been some of the first settlers to come over and fight in the acadian "war".
since this, I have decide to work to on getting my certificate to become a genealogist :)
hope to contact with others
P.S. if anyone knows how to change it so my name appears as Trish and not Patricia, that would be fantastic !!!


I'm Clydene Williams Cannon and been doing genealogy for about 30 years now and have a whole room dedicated to it.  Of course I'm a Williams d/o John Hiram Williams, grdau of John Hiram Williams Sr., ggdau of T. D. Williams, gggdau of John Jefferson Williams, ggggdau of Robert Williams and gggggdau of Ambrose Williams.

My maternal surnames are Taylor, Phillips, Risner, Fickweiler, Thompson, Cook, etc.  I noticed some Risner postings on here and thought I'd join.  My grandparents married in OK and my parents were born in OK so I have lots of Choctaw and Cherokee cousins.  I live in CA

TAYLOR - any Canada or England?





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