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We've stayed twice at a CG in Borden-Carlton close to the Confederation Bridge, called Sun-N-Shade.  The owners are bluegrass musicians & always have music on Fri & Sat nights.  Also, there's a seafood market close by where you can get about a 1 1/4 lb cooked lobster for under $10.  We also like a place east of Charlottetown where you can dig clams on the beach in the park.  It's called Seal Cove at Murray Harbour.  Another place that stands out is in north central PEI at Oyster Bed Bridge called Bayside RV CG.  There are so many nice views that we'll probably move every 2-3 weeks.  We also like to go to the harness races in either Charlottetown or Summerside. 

Just talking about it make me anxious to leave.  We will do genealogy in KY on the way up there & go to a rally in Goshen, IN.  My email is  That might be easier than this, since we're not discussing genealogy much. 


Hello there,  I am Nellie Reed  of Cliff New Mexico,  I have been doing my family genealogy since 1990 and I have loved it since,  my surnames I am looking for are Mooney, Eisiminger,Craig, Daniel  ( surname Daniel   no s at the end) Cox and

Reed. I have little on all of the names  but I keep looking    hope to find family and or friends in here

thank you  


where are your Cox's from? my last name is really Cox 

I have 17 Reeds in one of my trees. They are all back east but not a lot of info on most of them.

I don't know where 'Cliff" is and I thought you mentioned in one of your posts Albuquerque. I'm

in Abq and are you in the AGS? If you want to see what I have your welcome. I'm from State College PA and all my ancestors are from that area.


hello everyone

not sure doing this right but happy to research take photos graves etc helensburgh dumbarton area scotland tjay

Tjay, do you search any thing in England? I have hit a brick wall with my Granddad Charles Ralph. I can't find a birth record for him. But have a birth date my Mum gave me as July 4 1904. But FreeBMD hasnt done all the births for that year. yet.

 You take care


tiay I did find my Granddad he was born a year later that my Mum told me.


sorry been busy. Glad you found him. Do go to England periodically from glasgow to liverpool so if anyone wants headstones photographed in any area on that route, quite happy to do so next visit. TJay

I live in Ohio and have been doing genealogy research on my paternal line and allied families since the mid-seventies.  My current concentration is on my Waldensian/Vaudois heritage.  I have hit the proverbial "brick wall" in Northern Italy in 1699.  I invite you to visit my web site at Roshong-Roshon-Rochon-Rouchon and offer any critical comments or additions.  Perhaps you will find a connection. The site does include some poetry, but you an ignore it and go right to the genealogy pages.

Hello all. I'm Julie Waters. I was born in Michigan, but now live in California. I only started researching my family tree about 2 months ago. 

My dad's side of the family has ancestors from Ireland, Sweden and England. My mom's side has ancestors from Russia and Poland. After each side came to America they pretty much went everywhere. My mom's grandparents went to Michigan, my dad's great great great grandfather went to Pennyslvania, and from there family went to Illinois, Indiana and then to Michigan. I know there are also family members in Boston, New York, Arizona and Canada. I'm sure there are plenty of location I don't know about yet.

Right now I'm mostly trying to find information on my 4th great grandfather Archibald Waters who came to American in 1816 from Ireland. I've been unable to find any information on his parents or if he had any siblings. I'm also trying to find information on my great-grandparents on my mom's side. 

If you want to view my family tree, it's located here.

Hello all ... my name is Carolyn and I am a native New Yorker.  Since childhood, I have mentally stored stories related by my grandmother who was proud of her French ancestry.  Her parents, both born in the US, were almost prevented from marrying by her father's (French/Irish) family because the grandparents had been killed by the Prussians (the future bride's grandfather was from Prussia).  So much of the oral history has been lost with the death of my relatives.  

Last year, out of sheer curiosity, I visited  I found a few records and began to grow the family tree.  This year, bound and determined to fill in the gaps, I returned.  Sure enough, reading through details on the census records, the picture painted by my grandmother began to emerge.  I was hooked!  What began as a curiosity has turned into a passion.  Along the way, I stumbled upon this web site and decided to join.  Looking forward to learning more from your experiences.

I'm from Alberta, Canada and got interested in genealogy after reading a novel that talked about how family members were all connected.  I have researching on-line for just about 2 years now.  I am presently trying to find information about McKeands and McGregors in the St.Louis area in the early 1900s and Carrle's from West Germany.





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