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I'm from New Orleans Louisiana. I have been trying to search my fathers side of my family.My great grandmother name was Mary Agnes {Mamie} Oliphant married name Weysham born in New Orleans Louisiana  October 10th 1884 Died November 2,1963 in New Orleans louisiana . Her father was James m. Oliphant born in Tampico Mexico between 1861-1864 married to a Julia Limerick..He had a sister Mary and a brother William both born in New Orleans.His father was Melville Oliphant either from Scotland or Virginia about 1833-1840 married in 1858 to a Mary Jane Moore in New Orleans louisiana. Do not have any ninfo after this can not find any info on a Melville Oliphant.I do know there was an Oliphant on a schooner  called the Fox that traveled from Tampico and Vera Cruz Mexico to New Orleans in the 1800's with a Captain Oliphant on it. Would appreciate any info on an Oliphant James M. and a Melville.James M. also had a son James M.Jr.,born 1883,son Melville F.1888,daughter Juliet born 1891,son Thomas J. born1895, son Paul H.born1898.




 Thank You for Excepting Me as a Member     Patti                                                                                         

Susi Pentico here from the old Golden Gate Forum, The Genealogy Forum and now here on,

I have been doing research since young with MOM guiding me. I have been on my own for 50 years and enjoy it. I am a big  Medical Genealogy get the word out person. It saved our first child and it could be saving more today. I have been a speaker for 15 years. I have taught at the local County Library system for more than ten years. I am currently the Educational Chairperson of Chula Vista Genealogical Society. California.   I am expecting to do a Vitals Chat here on Thursdays again this fall. Hopefully I will be team teaching with Rita again. I have a blog here and with the geneabloggers group. One is for the classes I teach in Lemon Grove, CA. If only our students learned history via their families backgrounds it would not be boring.  Hope to meet you all in the chat room and learn even more.

Wow! Very inspiring. Look forward to learning more!

Abby @

Im new to this, but I like learning more about my family. I know I have a good understanding of where my family came from, but its always good to see if theres others out there that come from my family bloodline. My family can be researched at My grandfather x6 has a major town in East Tennessee named after him, Morristown. You can find that info also at by looking up the town.
I live in Arkansas..I have been researching genealogy since about 1989 up to the present..I am a mother and grandmother of one son,,one daughter in law,,two beautiful grandsons ages 8 and 5..who keep me very busy and to the love of my life for going on 34 years ...With the husband,kids and grandkids and church and genealogy I have a very full life and blessed of the Lord..and would not trade any of it for anything in this world... name is Amy Nichols and I'm currently enrolled in the Social Media for the Genealogist.  One of the assignments is to leave a post introducing myself and I am now doing so.  I have been working on my family history for many years, but have recently taken the research to a higher level and am enjoying the new insights it has given me.

What kind of Higher Levels?

Karen Spencer

Social Media for the Genealogists sounds interesting. Is it a college course?

Hi I've just joined this group and am from Nova Scotia Canada.  I am addicted like everyone else to finding out all I can about my ancestors but am relatively new to this passtime.  My father is English (Pound) and French (Arsenault); my Mother is adopted.  Her birth Mother is Irish (McLaughlin) and her adoptive parents are Acadian - DeViller and Clairmont.  I have found a lot of info on my Mother's adoptive family but nothing on her birth family.  My Dad's lines I have had a fair amount of luck with too.  If anyone is connected to these families I would love to hear from you and if you are a McLaughlin and your family immigrated at one point to St. John, New Brunswick Canada (where my Mom was born and placed into an orphanage) I would REALLY love to hear from you.





I'm from Central Victoria Australia. Have been researching my family history for about 10 years. I started with my interest in the family history when I wanted to know more about my fathers family. He knew nothing about them as he was orphaned when he was 5. I've discovered that I have about 50 1st cousins that I never knew about. And have since met many, many, more distant cousins through the research on all branches of the family.


. My main focus currently is my Taylor family, from Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, arrived in Australia in 1842. I'm struggling a bit with them, but hopefully will knock down some brick walls soon.

I'm in Oakland County in Michigan.  I am interested in My Family history, here in the United States and in Hungary.  I love to find and share info I find.  In fact, I have recently found and now speak with a second Cousin I never knew I had.....Great Find!!

Surnames: Dobri (Dobrik), Blahn, Cserni (Cherny, Cherney), Magyar,  Rozany, Uge, Hunyadi (Hunyady), Toth, Bencze, Bertl, Yassay,

Places:  Salgotarjan, Hungary, Nyireghaza, Hungary, Satu Mare, Hungary (now Romania); Czechoslovakia; Detroit, Ecorse, Allen Park, MI; Springdale, Pittsburgh, McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; Ashtabula, Ohio 

Hello I'm Kathleen Newberry, Born in Lambeth London England, but raised in Huntingdon Cambs England, I met and married my Hubby in England where he was stationed in the Air Force and the he got tranfered back to the States, So I have been here 28 years. We have 8 kids and 6 grandkids.

I got started in Family History when my SIL showed me her family history and I've been hooked ever since.

 I am from the Killgallon family from London (I have gotten as far back as Ireland).

 So I'm looking into my Killgallon, Knight's, Ralph, and Riches's families.

But I'm having trouble with my Granddad Charles Ralph, I think I have found him but until I can get a BC I won't really know for sure.





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