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Hello everyone. I have been dabbling for about 25 years, but got more serious the last two years when I semi retired. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. I have traced my maternal and paternal side, Rivard, Blais, Gravel, Motard back to France. I am currently researching my wife's line with particular interest in her paternal side, Thompson, where there seem to be many challenges. Other names include Flegg, Casselman, Swarth, Baxter. Many links in Canada, USA, France, Ireland and Germany.
I'm Sharon, I am looking for the surnames of the Benson, Murphy, West, Hannah from Leon County, Texas by way of Alabama and Mississippi. I started this quest about 4 years ago, when my grandson was born. I want him to know where he came from. I journey has be fun and very enlighting, I have met old and new family members.
Hi, I just joined after downloading Legacy Family Tree 7.0 It is so unlike the one I had before (Sierra's Generations Family Tree) Anyway I might be in the wrong group as I was wanting a group just to ask questions and I see no groups listed that fulfill that quest. Please tell me if I'm wrong. I am researching my husbands side of the family (Layton) who evidently were all cattle rustlers or worse because there is very little info out about them. I can find some Layton's but none related to his family. I had a gedcom made of the Layton's I had but it wouldn't import into the Legacy one for some reason. So I am starting over but luckily have it printed out.

I live in Iowa and have all my life except when I was around 5 and my dad worked in the shipyards in California building ice breakers.

So, let me know if or where I can just ask dumb questions (lol) or else I'll unsub and quit bothering everyone.
My father is Dennis Lee Steele born in Mesa Arizona on 1/21/1950 he died in Apache Junction AZ on 12/12/2008. My parents divorced and I know little to nothing about the man nor the history of his family. This is my first attempt and genealogy. Please feel free to send me a message if you can help with this search, as I am having zero luck in finding anything.
I found a item on line taken from the Byars-Byers Family Enquirer. My line is from John and Ursula Covington Walker. Their son, Thaddius Walker, married Nancy Byers and moved to Alabama. Mention is made of the will of Thaddius as being a good source of information and I wondered if that will might be in the hands of someone who could share it with me.

Thank you very much,
Hi There-

This is my first attempt in doing this,so I will need all the help and guidence I can get..

My surnames on my Fathers side is Presson for his father and Lambert for his mother.

My surnames on my Mom is her father is Lynch-I know nothing about her mother except she was married again after my Moms birth to a man named Link,I think his name was George. My Mom had 2 stepbrothers George and Andrew Link. My mother was raised by her Aunt Teresa..last name I have no idea..

Where do I go from here,I am at a loss..

Thank you so much for any help..
Marcia Presson Shepard-
this post is in response to Phillip Lee Steele...I couldn't reply directly so I'm trying this way...hope you get the info...or anyone "stuck or at a brick wall"

Hi :o) Have you received any help yet? I promised some Genealogy Wizards I'd help people like they helped me :o) I hope I do them that said. Have you searched for your father's Death Cert.? I would do that will show where he was born. From there you can find out his parents names and where they lived when he was born. After that Census records are a Huge help...I hate to bash them ( so I'll tread because they are a helpful...unfortunately you will have to join in order to get any real info. (I have done most of my searching by the seat of my pants so to speak...meaning...freebies are good....LOL) The one thing I haven't found is free access to Census Records :o( So (sorry I know I'm long winded)...after you search Death, Birth, Census (for Father, Father's Siblings if any, Father's Parents, etc.) If at any point you find the trail ends...try looking at Ellis or searching in the Immigrant Ship Manifests (I think is what its called). I hope this helps :o) If your searches lead you to Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Czechoslovakia or Czech Republic let me know...I have a ton of site links to share :o)

Happy Searching :) and many thanks to Zlata and Niggl

I have tried looking for his death certificate,but Arizona requires being in that state to order them. Him and his brother both lived in Arizona. The problem I am having is not being able to find any information on his father since I believe he is still alive.


I have found the links I needed through boards. I promised a few people (Great People) that I would pass on what they shared with me :) So here I am! I'll start my tale with a not so brief description of the what I was looking for and how I found it. (unfortunately the many links I have I cannot if anyone wants...just ask and I'll post them as needed..and try to answer questions...but be warned...I'm not a my typing style should tell you and the occasional word missing here and :o)

I started my search about two months ago...when a horrible realization came over me...I never asked my Great Grandmother where she came from or where her parents came from...if she had brothers/sisters? What her life was like growing know all that day to day stuff we all take for grantit :( So I began my search with her name, her birthdate and possible town of birth. I went to and started searching for her name with birthdate...matches came up in the Census area so I searched those and found records for her Parents and her siblings...from there I also found that her father had brothers that came over before him...they were listed on his census as living with him...from there I searched the immigrant ship manifests and found their lists, I also got copies of their Draft Registrations. While searching I discovered a Message Board also so I started posting requests for the Family names I had found (Singer, Hofstatter, Spitzenberger, Schwartz) the time I didn't know that sometimes these names were shorted or changed to make it easier to say in English once they got to America. (I don't know if Singer was changed or shortened) The Ship Manifests show the towns they came from and names and addresses of someone they are going to and leaving behind in their homeland....I am currently do this kind of search now becaus found out that Singer (John, listed as Johann or Johanna in the ship manifest) had a fourth brother that stayed in Wien, Austria...and a sister that came over to America Marie Singer...she married John Rhinehart of St. Paul....that will be my next search :) I also used Facebook after finding names listed in Obituaries...that is a great resource also. I found many of John's brother's children and their families...word of warning on this point...sometimes they just aren't interested so don't be too bummed out when they don't want to talk to you. I found one of John's Grandchildrens...Wife, who is also doing genealogy searches so she was willing to share her info with me and me with her :) I'm very happy for this :)

I hope my quasi search/info helps someone. My areas of search have been: Iowa, Minnesota, Bohemia, Moravia, Wien, Austria, Czech Republic.

Take care all and Happy Searching...oh...I almost forgot...Ellis has different info than what is listed on as far as the ship manifests go...there is a lot of info they don't show, so keep that in mind if you look at one...definately go look at the other sites might find what you are looking for :)
Hi, I have just made a breakthrough with a brickwall in my tree! An entry in a family birthday book states that James Bushnell sailed for Canada on 4 April 1904 (from UK). I've tried in vain to trace him through Canadian censuses, but yesterday discovered that he was a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WW1. He signed up (in UK) on 8 January 1915.

What I'm trying to find is what regiment he served in and where did he serve? I checked all the Rolls of Honour and he doesn't appear in any of them, so I assume he survived. I believe I have a death date for him in the UK - 1928.

I should also like to know whether he lived in Canada, where.and for how long.

The annoying thing is that we have just returned from two weeks holiday in Ontario, but didn't know about the Canadian connection then!

Details: James Bushnell born 28.1.1870 (he says 71) in Chelsea, London, UK. Parents Richard & Sarah Anne Bushnell.

Many thanks

Hello, I started researching my family 6 years ago. My research is mostly in the state of South Carolina, the counties are : Charleston, Georgetown, Clarendon, Berkeley and Dorchester. Some surnames I am researchinng are: Vanderhorst,Murray, Simmons, Horry, Blake, Duncan, Jones, Hazel, Parker, Wilder, and Vandross
Hi! My name is Melanie. I have been researching my family for a little over a year, now. I have always been interested in who my family is, but just haven't started researching until the last year. I found this site through a cousin that is als researching some of the same family that I am searching. I have known a lot of the family on my mother's side of the family were from Germany. I was sent here to check out a review of a book called "Venne in America". I am working on getting a copy because that is apparently where a lot of my family is from. I am so excited and cannot wait to get the book to find out why they came here!! Anyway, The majority of my family tree is here in the states from at least the 1600's. Haven't got my own web site, yet, but I probably will before it is all over with!!



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