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Hello I'm Dena Banks from Prince William County Virginia, researching there and Fairfax County, City of Alexandria and Falls Church Virginia
Arrington, Sim(m)s, Banks, Lomax, Foote, Thomas, Ward, Bond and connecting surnames
Hoping to connect with others that are reseaching these families.
I started about 1976, when I was about 14 years old. It was the bicentennial and I lived in Massachusetts and it was an exciting time for history. I also read "Roots" at about this same time. I took a genealogy class, and I was the youngest person in the room by about 30 years!

I should have gone on to major in history or genealogy in college, but instead I picked it up seriously when I gave up classroom teaching for motherhood. I was a computer/technology teacher and it has come in very handy for genealogy/blogging/building databases and websites.

My favorite lineage society is the Mayflower Society, and I am the captain of the NH Mayflower Society. I head up the committee for Mayflower scholarships, and also the website and Facebook groups.

I have been on genealogywise for a few months now. I thought I should probably introduce myself.
My name is Heather and I live in Missouri. I have been working on my family tree for several years as time permits. My biggest motivation is to find any information I can on my Mother's father. I have a post in the most wanted group. GeneJ has been so very helpful, along with several other kind members! I feel like I am 'half inching' along, at least now I know what direction to look! Giving my Mom the answers to the 'things' she has wondered about all her life would be the best gift I could give her.

My other top priority is my Dad's father. I think I have found the correct man through SS. If I am correct he was the youngest of five children. My Dad knows next to nothing about his father. He sure didn't know he had siblings! I am trying to confirm I have the correct man and then start searching for cousins! :-)

The Surnames I am researching are: Cooper, Scanlon, Bayles, Thomas, Hewitt, Simpson, Payne and Wilty
Main Locations so far are: Columbus, Ohio Seymour, Iowa Omaha, Nebraska Western Missouri and St. Louis MO
My name is Kathryn Lockhard. I have traced one lineage, the Roesch family back to 1771. I have just witten a book I hope to have published, Forever Laced: A Roesch Journey Through Two Centuries.
I am now concentrating on other lines. One of which is the Smith line, (how difficult is that name?) from Saca/Biddeford Maine. William G. Smith b. 1819, married to Druzillah J. Gray. Lookingfor their parents and their son Joesph H. Smith, b.1870, married Laura Eunice Jones. They lived in Bridgewater, Ma. After their children were grown, he left his family and moved back to Maine. Have reached a dead end
Joseph and Laura had a son, Forrest A. Smith, b. 1902 married Marie in 1926. left home after an argument with his mother and never heard from again. Last I saw in the 1930 census they were living in New Jersey. Dopn't know where they went from here.
My birth grandmother on my mother's side was Myrtie Lena Wyman, born and died in Andover, Maine. She lived for a time in Portland, Maine, and her obituary stated that she was married to a Roy Cowan. I cannot find a record of a marriage to anyone by the name of Cowan and have some doubt that they were actually married, though they both were residents of a boarding house in Portland in the year 1914, the year before her death. Anyone with information about Cowan?
Hi Chris, I have recently learnt that I have Townsend ancestors but it is showing their original name to be you have these also.My Townsends had a Richard Napolean Whycome Townsend- Reece,my Great Grandfather. The Reece was added when his mother remarried.Our Townsend originated in England and came to Aust.
Interested to hear more from you.........
Hi,my name is Tracey Hanton- I live in Willow grove, PA and I have been doing family research since 2004 when my father passed away. I have family located in south carolina, north carolina, new york and philadelphia. My family names on my father's side are Mackey, Mcilwaine, Blackmon(SC and Winston-salem, NC), Mcdowell, Eargle, Hope and many more that I have yet to really sort. It has been an interesting journey and I have been able to meet some family from charlotte,nc. I hope to take a trip to Lancaster, SC and see what I can find out about my great grand parents and hope fully see their grave sites etc. I am hosting the Mackey family reunion in Philadelphia, Pa this year and I am very excited about that. Glad to have found this site
Well, let's see. I've been researching the "Spillman" and "Stanley" surnames in Eastern Kentucky and the "Doverspike" surname in Pennsylvania for about 6 years or so. Although I've been doing this for years, I consider myself an amateur.

Areas of historical and genealogical research include Carter County, KY (and surrounding counties [Boyd, Elliot, Lawrence, Lewis, Rowan]); Grayson, KY (the town, NOT county); Olive Hill, KY; Hitchins, KY. I am also seeking research information on General Refractories and any of the brick yards in eastern KY.

I do a lot of verification in my research, unless I know for fact or have documentation, I hold back on much of what I address. This has caused a lot of hard feelings by some, but you know, it's better to have the facts and know your argument than just paste something up because it matches or because so and so said so. I've found so many errors on the word of mouth thing that it can get down-right hilarious at times. And, at other times, people don't want to hear/know the truth but like the idea of something much better.

I've created the both the "Spillman/Spilman/Spellman Worldwide" group and "The Doverspike Clan" on Facebook. The first anyone can join, the second is a closed group which requires permission. I am in the process of creating a website but seem to be too dis-organized to yet have it together to share with others yet.

Although I live in Alachua County, FL and do a lot of research regarding the above, I am willing to do local research for those needing information, pictures, etc. of this area.
Hello,I'm 27 years old and sort of new to genealogy,only started last year.I live in Quebec,Canada and hope to learn tricks to help me search / research my family tree.Maybe find long lost famous relatives or just discovering the everyday lives and the personality they had.

I wont post all the surnames I'm looking for, since members can see them on my page.Basically,my ancestors came from Italy and one line from the UK.They settled in Quebec and some in Toronto,Ontario.I think there were US border crossings when immigrating or for visits?

Anyways,I hope to learn a lot during my discovering of this forum.

Hi everyone! I'm a genetics reporter with the Medill News Service, based in Chicago, and I'm looking to do a couple stories on genetic and genealogical testing. If anyone lives in the Chicago area and wouldn't mind being interviewed, feel free to email me at .

Also, if anyone knows of people in Chicago who might be willing to participate, please let me know!


I am a retired schoolteacher from Waco, Texas. I just retired in July 2009, and am now spending some time running around the country "digging bones." I have spent many years researching my maternal side - Neeley, Copeland, Winderweedle, Ussery, Dumas, Clarke.....

Now I have started on my paternal side. The brick walls abound. The earliest ancestor I have found is Isaiah Holmes b ca 1800 in KY, married to Elizabeth Eastland in KY, but moved to SC before their 1st child, Rev. Isaiah L. was born in 1819. Thomas H. (my 2nd great grandfather) was born to Isaiah and Elizabeth in 1822 in SC. Rev. Isaiah married Elizabeth Morris in 1840 and Thomas H. married Nancy Jones in 1844, both in Jones Co., GA, but both brothers had moved to Coosa Co., AL by 1850. Nancy died ca 1873 in Tuscaloosa Co.,AL and in 1880 Thomas married Mary T. (unknown surname). If anyone knows anything about any of these Holmeses, please send me a message. Thomas H. Holmes is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Fayette Co., AL, but I could not find the grave of his 2nd wife, Mary.
Hello, I have been interesting in genealogy and active in research for the approximately 25 years. My interest is in the state of Maryland and particularly in Dorchester County.



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