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Hi Renata, glad you touched base again we had computer virus and lost everything ending in getting a new computer. You think you have everything backed up but well something went wrong. lost so much including your data and email address. Have added you as a friend so we can reconnect. I have the Payne info we have all ready in gedcom format for you , can you send yours again please. We have had to re sort out our tree. Lucky my daughter had a copy. Anita.
Thank you for the story about your silver pieces. My family were watchmakers and I have a watch that I think might be one of theirs. Again, no makers mark but it was made in the same time period. Hopefully I will be able to connect it someday. Have a good day,

Janet Perry
Huntington Beach, California
I am a 58 yr old great-grandmother (yeah - the kids started early!) of 3. My husband and I have a total of 5 kids, 14 grandkids and, of course, the 3 g-granddaughters. We travel full time in our motor home and love it. Our goal is to visit all of the lower 48 states & maybe Alaska before we finally retire to somewhere warm.

I started doing family research when I was 10 years old - trying to find out more about a portrait (that is now in my storage facility) of my great-grandfather, August William Ebenstein, that my grandmother had hanging in her home.

That portrait has led me to debunking some established family stories (how could they go through Ellis Island in 1852?) and proving others (the passenger arrival list DOES say a baby was born "on the passage").

I have joined the DAR, and am thinking about the Mayflower society (Brewster, Hopkins, Tilly, Howland), volunteered for the NEHGS, Ancestry, and Family Search. I also have led local societies, taught at community centers, and lectured locally.

I am a retired computer systems specialist from the Federal government and use a lot of technology in my research. I am adamant about documentation and abhor 'name collectors'.

I am currently trying to find information on some of my dead ends (like everyone else), which all seem to be in the mid-1800's. These include: (in Indiana) Brock & Smith; (in Michigan & Ohio) Hosler, Swartz; (Michigan & Canada) Linderman, Eichenberger.

Another full-time RVer, that's exciting.  It makes it much easier to get to all those places where our ancestors lived.  How exciting about the portrait; maybe if you post it online somewhere (a blog, Picassa etc) someone will recognize it and share the story. 


Hello, I am Heather Dotson. I have been dabbling in my family history for a few years, but never really gave it too much effort. Having hit dead ends a couple of years back.
I am searching for surnames
LaRue >CA>OK>?
Burke >CA>OK>?
Lancaster >CA>England
My mother was adopted in England, I am also looking for her birth family name Slater >England

My father died when I was very young, but his sister did some research on the LaRue name. She gave that information to me. She has since passed away as well. My grandparents on dad's side were Roy Lee LaRue and Minnie LaRue(Burke)
On my mothers side I have only her adopted information James Lancaster and Dorothy Lancaster (unknown maiden)
birth mother was Hilda Slater of Nantwich/Cheshire in England.

I know my grandmother on my fathers side Minnie Burke was part Native American and my grandfather was French and Native American. One of my gg grandmothers was Cherokee or Chocktaw and she married my gg grandfather who was from France. Still haven't found them yet.

This site really excites me, maybe I will find where I come from here!
Merryann Palmer said:
I am a 58 yr old great-grandmother (yeah - the kids started early!) of 3. My husband and I have a total of 5 kids, 14 grandkids and, of course, the 3 g-granddaughters. We travel full time in our motor home and love it. Our goal is to visit all of the lower 48 states & maybe Alaska before we finally retire to somewhere warm.
Oh my gosh, you are living my dream! My husband and I hope to do the same thing one day...
Hi, I began genealogy about 13 years ago, a few years before I retired. Two cousins of mine are also interested in genealogy and have written books about our shared lines, so I haven't spent much time on the Curtis, Priddy, Haubach, and Stottlemyer surnames. I am beginning to write about my one maternal line (Whittinghilll) and I'm collecting information about my husband's lines (Jacques, Drew, Carroll, Gorman). We've traveled all over southern Indiana as well as to Harrodsburg KY and Staunton VA for my maternal lines. To find my husband's family lines we've traveled to Chatham, Ont. Canada, Fairfax VA, Cincinnati OH. and Kansas. I've also been to the Library in Salt Lake three times.

For quite a while I was just a collector of information, but it is all beginning to come together now as the history behind the names is unfolding. I am also a scrapbooker. Scrapbooking and genealogy are a marriage made in heaven. Legacy scrapbooking using proper archival materials is a fascinating way to display your family. Otherwise those photos (always use copies) and the information that goes with them would never be seen by anyone. They would just lay in an album or box in a closet or on a shelf. I've also been writing my life story for several years now. Whenever somethings comes to mind I sit down at the computer and write about it. I've divided my story by the places I've lived. Rather than just talk about myself, I've tried to describe life as it was when I was growing up. We were without so many technological advances that are common-place today. My grandchildren didn't even know what "records" (the vinyl kind) were when they saw them. I've also begun a scrapbook just about me to go with my story. Maybe I'll publish it in the future for my family.

Just a reminder to everyone to get out there and interview the older members of your family before they are gone. I am now the oldest surviving person in my mother's family. Unfortunately, I never wrote down things that I was told about family as I grew up. My mother routinely told me about certain family treasures and their histories, but after she died, I couldn't remember half of what I was told. Get your information on paper while older family members are still alive and kicking. I wish I had, but I didn't have the interest in genealogy then that I do now. Happy searching!!
I'm a loving person, if I say so myself! I love my family, friends and my ancestors. I have a wonderful husband, fantastic son, 6 step-children, 16 grandchildren and lots of in-laws. I spend time daily with my 87 year old Dad, and I have a twin brother who lives in Texas. I've worked on my family's history for 10 years, am largely self-taught and hopelessly obsessed with our genealogy. I work full time as a Parish Administrator in our local Episcopal church, tho I'm not a member. Genealogy has opened a new world to me and has helped me become a better person. It's given new meaning to my life, new value to my family and is really good exercise for my brain. I spend time on it daily and only wish I'd started this fun when I was 20 years old! I love learning some of the new technology, tho I'm very challenged when it comes to understanding most of the digital world. I grew up in the 50s so this is a foreign lanugage for me! I love the social networking because I finally have someone to share my love of genealogy with and to discuss it with.
I've been seriously doing family research for about 10 years and am happy to have proved my father wrong when he said "we're the only ones who spell it that way." Dad was very interested in his family history, but never did any serious research. He would have been amazed at the wonderful resources we have today.

I live in Colorado with my husband of 41 years. We have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren, two poodles and are semi-retired. Looking forward to making new genea-friends.
I live in SW Ontario, mother of 2 boys, grandmother of five, and have been researching my family history for 3 1/2 years. I found out that I have Loyalist ancestors, after being interested in the Loyalist history in Upper Canada for most of my life. I also discovered that some of my ancestors were at Plymouth Colony, first Quakers in PA., Acadians and here for the first census in New France. My Irish ancestors came at the beginning of the famine, in 1845. My Scottish ancestors started coming a generation earlier, from the borders and highlands.
I am currently applying for membership in UELAC, and would like to get my certification as a descendant of a United Empire Loyalist.
I am also preparing for an upcoming family reunion next month, my cousin and I are organizing our first one.
I live in Oslo, Norway. I have been working on my own genealogy for many years and try to help others as well. I teach genealogy for the new ones every now and then.

The biggest genealogy society in Norway is DIS-Norge, I am the president of that organization.

Many emigrated from Norway to the US and I have been able to find many decendants, linking in with my ancestry. But I am always looking for new cousins.
Hello, my name is Michelle. I have been researching my ancestors since May 2008. I have made significant progress on my paternal, Icelandic side but have hit many roadblocks on my maternal, Norwegian/English lines.
Last month I found an obituary for my mother's grandfather in museum archive paper! It provided me with information we never knew. I now know my Great Grandfather, Christopher Olson, who was born in Oslo, Norway on 18 October 1876 had two sisters (names unknown) and 4 brothers, two of which are Anton and Casper, both located in Wisconsin on a census that I had reviewed many times without realizing I was looking at the correct family. From the obituary, it seems Christopher Olson moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1881, possibly from Norway. Do you have any suggestions where I might continue my search. I was on the DIS-Norge, but I don't speak Norwegian (yet!) I would appreciate any feedback you may give.



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