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I am Doris McClenton Smith i became interested in Geaneology when my cousin told me about it and how interesting it was she s tarted me off, ive been researching now for over a year now., I did make it to Mississippi and found the archives very interesting and received lots of information. My surnames i am researching are Calvins of Virginia, Catherine Calvin born in 1870 in Virginia i am having a time finding her mother she was my ggrandmother on my maternal side, also McClenton's of Mississippi i didnt know much about my father Loyd born in 1924 and died in 1982 in Shelby, Tenn. i am so stumped at his side his parents died at an early age and he was raised by his eldest brother Otis, Otis was also his fathers name i have no information for him his mother also a Sally Worman or Woman was his mom also from Miss. anyone with these surnames please contact me to see if we have anything to go on together thank all for reading. hApppy Hunting!!!
Hello from Tennessee-God's Country!!! I am Carol Dobkins Keith and have been avidly interested in genealogy-mine and anyone's for almost 50 years. My family lines are-primarily DOBKINS, BRICKEY, COMPTON, GREGORY, GOAD, PALMER, MOSHER/MOSER; and secondarily Campbell, Thompson, Lambert, Sanders.
i am david george POPE my paternal line is the new hampshire POPE line, also refered to as the dorchester, ma. POPE line i was born in 1950 in madison, dane, wi. and am now in central minnesota. i have been doing genealogy for about 10 years, and am currently working on my grandmothers family. have no idea where i am going with this.

I was just looking at old post and ran across yours. My great grandmother's second husband was a David Pope. Her first husband was my great grandfather. He died and my ggrandmother married David Pope in Corsicana Texas. To make a long story short, she never would talk about my great grandfather's family and we also know nothing about David Pope. My father remembered him well but said "family" was never talked about. There are no pictures of ggranny with step ggrandfather, no documents , no nothing. I went to the court house in Corsicana to get a copy of her marriage license . I am trying to find my David Pope's family to find out what they might know about him and my ggranny. I did find him on the census' and sometimes he was born in Ill. and sometimes Missouri. His parents were listed as from Ill.  Also I found one census where the name was spelled Pape. Are you related to any Ill. Popes?



I started researching my family tree in the 60s, with my dad, Willie Lee Spooner Jr - about the only thing we did together without fighting. I research in fits and starts, but have managed to accumulate a box full of records. I have a seperate box full of haphazard genealogy notes my mom sent over the course of about 15 years. My current project is to sort through this mess and construct something I can use to SEE how everyone fits together, like using a sharpie pen to draw the whole darn tree on my living room wall or something. And I promised my sister I would try to solve some of the unsolved mystries in the family. We have several, which I'll be posting details about on the Most Wanted Ancestors group. Just for reference, some of the sirnames in my tree include: pat) Spooner, Chatham, Lavinghouse, Snyder, Creel, Rainwater, Galenhouse, mat) Williams, Graham, Kozak, Amos.
I currently live in North Carolina but was born & raised in Montgomery County, Virginia. I'm researching several families in Virginia. Primarily Montgomery, Tazewell, Giles, Bland, & Wythe counties. My surnames include Havens, Custer (Custard), Caves, Tolbert, Gilmore, Surface, Wright, McPeak, Worrell, Tickle and many others from that region. Willing to assist others with their research and share what I've discovered along the way.

Tony, I just joined this site & found Worrell in your list of names.  I am interested in Amos Worrell, who died in Halifax Co., NC sometime between 1838 & 1842.  He married a widow named Elizabeth Bruce before 1798.  His children were Elizabeth, John, Amos, Sarah & Dolly.  Elizabeth married my ancestor Thomas Jordan Holland (b. 1811 in Halifax Co., NC) & died sometime before 1844, when he remarried.  Her father Amos references her in his will as Elizabeth Holland.  I haven't been able to trace Amos's birth or parents, & they could have lived in VA or in the same area of NC when it was still part of VA.  Do you have any knowledge of these Worrells?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Robin and while I have not been doing research very long, I have been very lucky in locating quiet a bit of information on my family. I have hit some brick walls, as I know many of you have at one time or another....

My surname interest is Clark, Evans, Bardin, Maness, Walker, Faleris (Faleri)... this family orginated in Greece and the name spelling changed when they landed in Canada. Places of interest are Butler Co. KY, Tennessee, Montague Co. TX, Jefferson Co. OK, Jack Co. TX, Greece, Canada, just to start naming a few. These are the most important interest at this time.

Currently my interest is my family from Greece and the Walkers. I have a Finest Estell Walker who was born 1 August 1880 (1883... documents vary the year he was born). I can not locate his parents or where in Tennessee he was born. I know he married a Carrie Hamilton in Jack Co., and he died in Wichita Co. TX. I am working on the Walker Family for a very special project for my future mother-in-law and have just hit a wall.
I am David Penfold of Portland, Oregon, and I've been doing family genealogy since about 1999. Mainly focusing on Colorado and California families of Penfold, Teagarden, McLachlan, Russell and Gibson. This has led me all over the US, England, Canada and Scotland. My favorite websites are and Find - A -Grave. The desire for me to learn more was inforced by my mother and father when they introduced me to my first genealogy software. I am open to all old and new family members our website is
Penfold/Teagarden on Now we need Pictures many many more.
I'm Gene Walsh in St. Louis, Missouri. If anybody knows or knew me and wants to communicate.
please reply and I'll get in touch with you.
My name is William E. Gordon Jr. I'm an on again off again amateur/beginner genealogist. My parents split up when I was a child, Dad moved north and remarrried and started another family. Dad, (William Edward Gordon) was born in Arkansas in december of 1924.The only thing I knew for sure about his parents was his mother, Sarah E. Sandford was buried at Gladewater, TX. in 1936. I have since learned that her husband, John M. Gordon died on the 4th of July 1944 and was buried somwhere around Marshall, Tx.
Using the LDS website I found John's Mother, M. Elizabeth Stansberry buried in Washburn, Sebastian County Arkansas. I think John came to Arkansas from N.Carolina. Sarah's father was Joe Sandford from Tennessee.
I have now come to a dead end.
Help- anyone?
Hi Everyone!

My name is Richard and I just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm from a small town in the most southern part of Sweden called Eslövin the province of Skåne (Scania). I was not born here but have lived here since the age of about six months.

I am a keen amateur genealogist and have been doing resarch since December 2008. So I am just in the beginning stages of my research. I'm the first one in my family who has ever tried to research our lineage.

I started as one of those researchers who is vehemently abhorred by pretentious genealogists, i.e a name collector.

I began my research by building up my family tree and I only noted the date and place of birth and death of each person.
In doing so I have found out that almost every single direct ancestor, apart from two, is born in the same province as I am. That means that almost my entire genpool is from the same 4224 squaremile area.

However, I have now started to trace everone in my lineage through each of the records that is available here in Sweden.
And by doing so I hope to follow each and everyone, keep a good record on everone and find out all there is to find out.

Due to a federal law in 1686 the priests had to keep a record of every birth and death that occured in each parish.
They had to register the mothers and the fathers name, the godparents and the date of birth and baptism and the date of death.

So you can understand that it is somewhat easy to follow a person in the records here in Sweden.

The surnames i am following are Dahlqvist (although I have found the origins of this name. I know who used it first.), Karlsson.

The surnames I hope I will have some help with are the ones that belong to emigrants who emigrated to the United States.
And these are Fick and Roos.

I am currently looking for relatives to Artur Fick, Axel Leonard Fick and Erik Konstantin Roos.

If any of you need help with research in Sweden do not hesitate to send me a PM.
I will do anything I can do to help you.
Might even be able to help you get in contact with Swedish relatives.



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