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I found this information on Ancestry for you. Hope it helps. None of this is verified, but its found on several trees on ancestry.

It appears George is your immigrant ancestor, arriving here in 1702

Name: George Tuck
Birth: 11 Oct 1678 - Beverly, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 8 May 1751 - Beverly, Massachusetts, USA
Parents: John Tuck, Rachel
Spouse: Mary Morrell
Marriage: 1701 - Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

George Tuck's Parents:

John Tuck

Born 1646

Died 1722
in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts

Rachel, no information

Mary Morrell

b. 10 Sep 1689

d. Dec 1750
in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Mary Morrell's Parents:

Isaac Morrill
1646 – 1713

Phebe Gill
1649 – 1714

Children of George and Mary Tuck

Abigail Tuck
no dates

George Tuck
1701 – 1784

Lidia Tuck
1705 – 1782

Rachel Tuck
1709 –

Eunice Tuck
1711 – 1801

Emma Tuck
1714 –

Andrew Tuck
1716 –

Anna Tuck
1721 –

Mary Tuck
1784 – 1768

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Thanks, so much I have printed this out to compare with what I have.
Thanks Katrina, I have regained control over my Tuck Ancestors. I had been confused with the two Georges marrying the two Marys, the last time I was working on this Family. I was able to find all I needed in the Beverly Vital Records, thanks to your outline and get all my "Tucks" in a row!!!
Awesome Sharon, I'm glad I was able to help. I had the same problem in my line with two Solomon Haines marrying a Rebecca Sharp, one set being the grandchildren of the other, and coming through BOTH family lines. On ancestry, some family trees have people married to their grandparents. What a Mess!
Hi Katrina
I am planning on being in the Beverly, MA area tomorrow, hopefully visiting some ancestral burial grounds. Do you know where any of the Beverly Tucks are buried, by chance?
Well my Tuck search in Beverly was not that productive. I only found 3. And I do not know where they fit in. Yet. But it was a beautiful day to be out in the sunshine.
Joseph Tuck D: March 2 1718
Abigail Tuck D: July 7 17??
John Tuck D: Aril 4 1718
I have a George W Tuck in my line as well, I am just starting out, these names don't look familiar.





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