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Why is it I can never find anything here... I add my information on my family and read how lucky everyone else has been here... But nothing about my family>>>>>  I am doing something wrong here???? Is anyone here??? 

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it's ok, look when you can and I'll do some more looking too, if I find anything I'll post it or email it for you to see what you think, ok? Lisa  

thanks. will look more next week...


ok, whenever ya can.....

i don't know this is the first time i have been on since 2009 for the same reason couln't find any of my relatives. if you can find a Rogers Family Site you may have more luck.

this site isn't really where you find your relatives, its more of a social network (kinda like facebook) but for genealogists that help each other find info they seek or at least try to point you in the right direction. They also offer classes now too. You can start surname groups and join any groups already listed.. There are some great people here but there are no databases or genealogical information on this site itself, we all make use of other sites such as,familysearch, and many ,many more.





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