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Why is it I can never find anything here... I add my information on my family and read how lucky everyone else has been here... But nothing about my family>>>>>  I am doing something wrong here???? Is anyone here??? 

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Candy, yes that helps, thanks. I just wasn't sure exactly what you had in the way of documentation. Next question, Where were James and Melvina at each census (this helps me with areas to search etc.) Are censuses all that you've found or do you have other documentation as well? vital records, property records, there's lots available as far as records go, just wanting to see what records in what areas give clues.
As far as how much to post in a query anywhere, usually names, dates, places, children and an idea of what you already have for documentation and what you are looking for (otherwise you might get bombarded with info that you already have because people trying to help don't know that you already have it so they think they are helping).
thanks for your speedy replies!
OH WAIT, I just re-read it, you said UP TO James & Melvina, so you don't have censuses on them? just children? or did you mean including them?
Sorry it should have been through James and Melvina.. I have them on a census in 1850 living in Richhill, Greene, Pa. I have Melvina married to Nathaniel Strope in the 1920 Census, As James had died in 1910. As I looked over the 1850 census I found Daniel and Jemima and children.. Also found in notes that Daniel died in Ohio around 1883, and found a note that they were married in 1823 in Pa. so Imust have gotten that from one of the cousins... Sorry I try to be concise and to the point, but I guess I have slid over over some things...
Well Candy - I see your family is in Bradford Co PA. The Averys I was complaining / comizerating about were from there too. They lived in Granville and South Creek Townships mainly. My grgrands are buried in Gillets. If you haven't been to Joyce Tice's site on you have no idea what you are missing. Joyce has over 17,000 pages on her site covering Bradford and Tioga Counties in PA and Chemung Co in NY just across the border. It is all indexed and searchable. Good Luck!
Most of the Rogers family ended up in Western NY. Where most of my family live. They first show up in NJ.(Lafler)..Has been awhile since I have been on Joyce' site so maybe next week will try to look around.. Maybe I should get a map of the area of that time, Thank I have a program from FMT.. Thanks for reminding me..
candy. you didn't overslide anything. i just want to make sure what to look for ,where and when, so thanks for the update, I'll keep in touch!!
Candy, there is a lot of information out there to verify your information; it is just learning where to look. After years of research, I found it most helpful to join the local genealogical society. Our monthly meetings have been so helpful. They also provide many free classes both online and inperson. I would never have know to check the many free sites and learn how to navigate them. There are many tricks! Look in your local phone book and online for the nearest society. Good luck.

willing to help

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Hope that gives you a few places to start, who knows there might be a Rogers group here too, I haven't checked yet.
I am brand new to this format of helping info to finding people. It's great!!! I've copied these sites to check out and keep handy. Thanks for providing. Shirley
Candy - you've been on my mind. I wondered if perhaps you misunderstood the purpose of GenWise. Most members have already done a considerable amount of research already. GenWise draws us into a social circle of folks with a similar passion. Certainly, members help one another; they suggest directions for research as well as possible sources of information. Once in a while, paths cross and indiividuals may be able to share research findings. So --- GenWise is all about support for the efforts of our fellow researchers. What it is not is a research site itself.

So I thought you might be interested in several of these Pennsyvania-based sites I found of all they're free and often enable you to link to other sites.

Hope these help

Sincerely ............Katie Heitert Wilkinson
Thank you for your suggestions. Yes I know this is not a research site. But I have seen many folks on here that do seem to find a way around the road blocks we all face from time to time.. I was just hoping that some one may have a route to research that I have not gone down before... I have been working on the family lines for almost 20 years... Sometimes just having fresh eyes looking at things can and often brings an new insight to the picture... We tend to look at the same information over and over without seeing a way or idea that has been staring at us all along.. I added the very basic information that I have of the Rogers family line , as I have considerable amount of information on this line, and really was just hoping that someone else is looking for this line..Sometimes bouncing ideas off from each other can bring branches together.. I really hope I have not upset any one here, I was just hoping to see if someone was also looking for this branch of Rogers'. I found a lady in New York who is working on a local site that is reseaching the town she lives in.. She has the most amazing photos of the area and of local people as well as the history of the area... I just find that some times you can find information in the strangest places. Sometimes you just need someone from the area who knows the area the best,it helps you find things you would have otherwise missed.... Thank you again for your sugestions , I most certainly will be looking into them... I am truly sorry if I offended anyone or gave the wrong impression of asking anyone to do my reseach..Sincerely... Candy Lafler Rogers
OMGosh offense taken and none intended. Your comments here are right on the mark ....we never know from where our next lead will come. Some of my best have come from trolling the archives of various bulletin boards and also from posting messages. If I come across anything interesting in my research, I'll let you know. Some of my roots are in Pennsylvania too.




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