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I'm mostly using Roots Essentials 4 right now.  But I was wondering anyone who has an online tree such as ancestry, have you found a good way to keep the trees in sync?

I find if I'm doing research on ancestry in my tree there, then I have to copy everything over it takes twice as long.

I was thinking of just updating my Roots tree with a gencom merg, when there is a lot of new data.  This way it would copy the source info in for me as well. 

My main reason for having a tree on ancestry is to share with a few family members, and meeting new contacts.  Its also easier to find people through a hint search.

Sorry for rambling, I'm fighting the flu and half awake right now. LOL

So far this seems to be a plus FTM 2011 has over Roots.  In that it looks like they make this easier.  But I don't own FTM. :P

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I wondered the same. Sorry I don't have the answer - I too am looking for an answer.

I have family tree maker and imported the little I had onto then found SO MUCH via (more than was coming up through it with family tree maker).

My question is - how do I import the data from to FTM (or ANY program)? The only other option is to laboriously copy from to FTM
Hi Mary,
So far the only way I've found is to download a gedcom from my ancestry tree. Then import it and merge it with my program.

The free version of RootsMagic only lets you do manual merges, so if you have a large data base it takes a LONG time to click through each person. But I do like how they color code everything you can easily see if it's a match or not.

The free Legacy does both an automatic merge and manual. So it's faster, but I do like the RM merge screen better.

I'm not sure how the FTM handles merges? Have you tried that Mary? I have watched there vids but they don't show anything on merging people.

One thing I don't like about the gedcoms downloaded from ancestry, is that all the sources seem to just link back to your tree. It would be better if they linked to the actual records on ancestry. Many of mine were linked to a tree I had deleted. So now I have to redo all the sources again. That's a big pain!
It's quite easy. Simply go to your tree on and click on the "tree overview" link. On the left hand side you will see an "export tree" button. Click there and once your file is showing there as a link, right click on it and click "save as" and save it where you want it.

That simple!
Oh I know how to export a gedcom from there site. :) What many people wish is that when you use FTM and add info/hints ect. that it would automatically add the same info to your tree on ancestry and visa versa. Would be really nice if they were in sync better.

I also wish that Roots Magic had a feature like FTM were you could use a web view to highlight and merge info directly. Instead of copy, paste, then make a source manually.
You can drag and drop in Roots Magic. I update my RM from Ancestry by doing that. You can choose a name and drag it to merge with that name and ancestors, descendents, etc in Rm.This way you don't have loads of duplicated names by a complete merge.
As this would solve my problem of maintaining two databases, I tried the drag and drop unsuccessfully - perhaps I need to be on a specific page?  More detailed how-to's would be appreciated and thanks!
I had recently purchased Family Tree Maker 2010, but was unable to use it when I changed operating systems. I liked FTM ok, but it was sluggish on my computer. I'm currently using GRAMPS on Linux (my new operating system), but I haven't found a way to upload it to any websites on the internet yet. I'm currently transferring my FTM tree to my mother along with the software. If you're looking to buy a good family tree software, FTM is the best I've learned of so far (with Windows operating system), but the upload only works with a paid subscription to which I personally think sucks!

That's just my humble opinion, though.
I just got my FTM 2011 in the mail yesterday. But so far I don't like it much... It crashes a LOT. Mostly when I'm trying to merge people. arrrg
My laptop is only 3 years old and exceeds there recommended levels. I'm trying to play around with it, but I've been very frustrated so far.

The only thing I like about it is the web merg so far... I have a feeling I'll be going back to Roots Magic though. (sigh)

I'd love to hear your thoughts about GRAMPS. I have linux on my pc as well (dual boot).
I have dual boot. GRAMPS is free as well! I've given up on FTM completely as I'm trying to "wean" myself off of Windoze (smile).

You can get GRAMPS from the ubuntu software center. It looks a lot different from FTM and it does take some getting used to, but I love it so far. I've just gotten spoiled by the "hints" from FTM. I'm in the process of seeing if I can find the linux/ubunt equivalent to I'm sure one exists.
I find FTM as the easiest means of transfering info and sharing info from your tree. I've used it for years and love it.



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