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I'm looking for an immigrated uncle from my fathers side of the family.

His name was Viktor Emanuel Johansson and was born in 1889 (possibly 1888). He lived in Lindås with his parents and siblings until June 19th 1923 where he left Sweden for New York, US. He traveled from Gothenburg at 34years of age. It's possibly he didn't use his middlename Emanuel, I don't know.

The family story about him goes that he, or possibly his children, wrote home to his brother Valfrid and his wife Elna. My father told me his grandmother, who was Elna, used to get letters even after Valfrids death.

This part of the family is the most precious to us in the family. I say us but I mean my father and me. We barely know anything about his side of the family. We would love to get in touch with anyone who knew Viktor.

I mainly write this for my fathers sake. So please, if anyone knows anything about Viktors fate, please contact me.


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Viktors brother and his wife:
Valfrid Johansson was born 1896 in Dalkarlstorp, Värmland, Sweden.
Elna Helena Johansson was born 1905 in Kampåsen, Värmland, Sweden.

Viktors parents was:
Father: Johan Jansson born 1852 in Dalkarlstorp, Värmland, Sweden.
Mother: Stina Persdotter born 1861 in Södra Mossberg, Värmland, Sweden.

I hope this helps. If you need any more data just ask me!

Viktor has been found. He was living in Minneapolis, Hennepin county, Minnesota till his death in 1956.



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