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I would like to transition to doing paid research for others, any suggestions?

Genealogy has always been my favorite hobby, even my passion if you will, since I was 12. I have always enjoyed doing research for myself and others, but now would like to to move into doing it as a career instead of just a hobby. I think I have the skills and the tools (and would specialize in research in my local area), and I have tried advertising some locally, but have gotten no response so far. Does anyone have suggestions as to the best way to advertise and how to get started?
Thanks in advance!

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I don't know how they work where you live but in the UK many family history societies, research centres, and record offices have lists of local researchers. They don't actually recommend anyone, and there is no real guarantee that the researcher you choose is any good, but the lists of names are available. So if the same works where you are, join a local society and get your name known by it, and find out about your local record office. Alternatively, set up a web site giving your expertise and what you are prepared to do. Fees need to be discussed on a one to one basis.
I have recently learned about AncestryExpertConnect I suspect that you may need to subscribe to Ancestry and it only US based, but have a look

I would also suggest you get some recommendations, join Linked In which is good for professional networking.

You may also like to offer yourself as a guest speaker at a local public library or similiar as a way of getting your "name out there".
i have done the samething and have had no responce either . i long doing genealogy . the best thing you can do is word of mouth or print up flyers
Same Here. I would love to get paid to help other people out with there Genealogy. Make up a flyer and take it to your local library and post it there etc. that might help you out in finding people who want to hire you out.
You might look at a few organizations that might be useful. The first is Association of Professional Genealogists.. They offer guidance, educational opportunities and are well represented at many national and regional conferences. It is a great way to network with other members and seek advice when needed. Check their directory for either a member or regional group near you. The are two others groups that certify genealogists. They are the Board for Certification of Genealgists which is a certifying organization should you decide to become certified. ICAPGen is another organization that offers certification. Check out their websites and see if these groups might be helpful.
I have recently thought of doing the same. I do not have as much experience as you, but you might want to try some of the following ideas:

1. Create a website offering your services: (some places have super cheap web hosting)
2. Craigslist and other places that people online frequent (It is free to post an ad)
3. I recently made a brochure, I am hoping to print a few of these for local people (I also live in a small town, so I don't have to print as many as some would in larger areas).
4. Get together with a few friends and compile and present them with a "sample" genealogy presentation and maybe the sample will get attention from not only the individual, but others in their family or other friends. (word of mouth is always good).
5. Offer an assessment to do a free quick search to find goodies right off the bat that someone can see.

I just had a friend come by a few days ago and tell me his family research has already been done by someone in the family. What he did not even realize is that it was only ONE line! We took a few of his names and searched them and VIOLA, there was stuff he never even heard about. He assumed it had all been done and realized there was SO much more to be researched! This is not necessarily a marketing technique for your services, but it is a way to generate interest among those who think their lines have all been mapped. :)




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