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Firstly, I hate this web site. I have gone through so much grief, just to ASK ONE QUESTION!  That's all one question. I couldn't just "ask" or post on a board?  I had to go through all of this just to ask asimple question?  Well, jow that I have had to "become a member" (for ONE question) wait to be "approved" for asking just ONE question -- I guess I have the honor of now asking my ONE question ... And then, I had to reet a password for not remembering it because I had to wait around to get "approval" just for ONE question ... Then, I have to try and figure out where to post this ONE question!

Gee Whiz!  Okay-- I've certainly gone through enough for this ...

I just found out that we're (my family) related to the Williams sisters, Venus and serena.  My question is -- and it's probably quite easy for anyone into this, which is why it's so darned upsetting that I went through all of this for just ONE question -- (anyway) my ONE QUESTION (I went through so much here just to ask) is: what exactly is the relationship to them.

Serena and Venus are my grandfather's ... well, Serena and Venus' cousins are my grandather's neices.

If anyone has an answer for this ONE question -- I've certainly gone through enough to leave a post of it, and the reply os greatly appreciated.  I wish all of "ya'll" luck with this complicated, upsetting web site.. I have a headache.

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My reply can be found in above posts to Gena and Christine. I shouldn't have gone through this site nightmare for ONE single question. Do read what I wrote above it's quite "well said".

1) This site is a convoluted nightmare. My attitude is more than fine for going through what I have with this website- to ask one simple question. This has not been a positive experience whatsoever.  I shouldn't have gone through this.  I do NOT like my private information online just to ask a single question at a website.  If you have no headache from this -- enjoy. 'This cousin on that side and that second whoever related to the third whatever  from the other family side of the whichever' ... after being here, I want to just find a way for there to be NO genealogy available anywhere!  It's a convoluted mess.  But do enjoy.

There seem to be some kind people, and I'm glad that you can help each other with you headaches.  Genealogy is a head-splitting nightmare. 

2)YES, THIS SITE IS HARD TO USE,  It is NOT USER-FRIENDLY. After a week or however longer.  It is NOT USER-FRIENDLY.

3)"Mutual relatives" and "not related". Yes, that makes a whole lot of sense. Meanwhile, I meet them in Pittsburgh and my grandfather's telling me how we're "cousins".  It makes no difference to me, they are just two more in a huge family tree and why you people even bother with genealogy I have no idea. Oh, hey wait -- maybe you're hoping that YOU are going to find someone ... "famous".  Oh, I see!  Me, I simply tried to find the answer to ONE question. And I shouldn't have had to go through this much grief. And I do NOT like having to give my personal information to a web site for asking one simple question.


You can control what personal information is seen on the website by going to your Settings which is located under your name at the top right of the website. It is there that you can change your privacy settings to control what is seen. Social network sites ask you personal information to sign-up to ensure that you are over 13 years old and that you are not a spammer. Once you are a member of a social network site you can then control your privacy settings or even delete certain information.

If you want you can remove all of your information and postings to GenealogyWise by going to Settings>Profile and then scrolling all of the way down and clicking on the Leave GenealogyWise link. This will remove your membership from the website and anything that you have posted.

Gena Philibert-Ortega

Director, Genealogy Services

National Institute for Genealogical Studies


Amen, Gena!

I think your last paragraph would be the best choice for this person.  I am appalled at some of her comments and do not understand why she is even posting on this site anymore.  Frankly, I am surprised that some members were even polite to her in replying to her ONE question.  After reading this last post of hers, I am mystified as to what that ONE question really is. 


They would be your second cousins by marriage. Is your grandfather related to them directly like  is one of their parents also one of his neices or nephews? If not you wouldn't be  cousins by blood.

Thank you very much for the reply. But I gave up. Too much of a complicated mess just to find an answer. I appreciate tthe reply, however.  It shouldn't have been this complicated for an answer.

Most of the people here are not professional genealogists.  They are people like me, who are researching their own family histories.  That said, these "chatters" are willing to help new posters when they can.  No one is obligated on this site to answer your questions.  However, several people tried.  You were incredibly rude at every turn.   Even when JR gave you an answer you finally liked, you complained.   Really, next time you need help, from anyone, you should use some basic common courtesy.

Sooo. Let me get this straight. You joined a Genealogy site just to figure out if you are indeed related to Venus and Serena Williams and yet you're not interested in Genealogy at all? That's rather sad.

I started out on genealogy to find out where my ancestors came from and their histories and such. Sure along the way I ended up finding myself related to some famous folk, but that's just the fun of it. Genealogy is about learning. I've learned more about world history doing genealogy then I ever did in school!

And as Gena said. You can have your info be private so it's not all out there. Don't even have to use your real name if you don't want to.

For some reason my last reply was wiped out.  I said in essence that I agree with Christine and I think this should be a closed issue.  Kelley was answered several times by members and obviously feels she is not getting the answers to her one question that she expects.  It's time to move on.  I'm tired of it all.

I agree with what the others have said. I as well as many other "chatters" would be more than willing to HELP you but in order for more people to see your question and give you the help you need,it might help to post in the chat room! If you don't like it here then by all means LEAVE but you should know that there is NOT many genealogy chat sites where you do NOT have to REGISTER for them before you can start posting and chatting!



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