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Firstly, I hate this web site. I have gone through so much grief, just to ASK ONE QUESTION!  That's all one question. I couldn't just "ask" or post on a board?  I had to go through all of this just to ask asimple question?  Well, jow that I have had to "become a member" (for ONE question) wait to be "approved" for asking just ONE question -- I guess I have the honor of now asking my ONE question ... And then, I had to reet a password for not remembering it because I had to wait around to get "approval" just for ONE question ... Then, I have to try and figure out where to post this ONE question!

Gee Whiz!  Okay-- I've certainly gone through enough for this ...

I just found out that we're (my family) related to the Williams sisters, Venus and serena.  My question is -- and it's probably quite easy for anyone into this, which is why it's so darned upsetting that I went through all of this for just ONE question -- (anyway) my ONE QUESTION (I went through so much here just to ask) is: what exactly is the relationship to them.

Serena and Venus are my grandfather's ... well, Serena and Venus' cousins are my grandather's neices.

If anyone has an answer for this ONE question -- I've certainly gone through enough to leave a post of it, and the reply os greatly appreciated.  I wish all of "ya'll" luck with this complicated, upsetting web site.. I have a headache.

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I'm sorry you had some frustrations with the system. We approve each member individually to cut down on spam. We do have areas of the website where you can post questions. Where you posted is great. You can also ask questions in the chat room.

Regarding your question, if I understand it right, it sounds like your grandfather is a brother to either The Williams' sisters' father or mother. If that is so then you would be their 1st cousin once removed. It sounds like you and the Williams' sisters share a common ancestor which would be one your grandfather's parents. Does that sound right?

To better understand this try this article,

Also this chart may help

Basically, relationship depends on who the common ancestor is and your relationship (and theirs) to that common ancestor.

Feel free to message me if you need more help.

Gena Philibert-Ortega

Director, Genealogical Services

National Institute for Genealogical Studies


Thank you for the reply. I still find it pretty confusing, but my grandfather (on my mother's side) is the uncle of s woman who is their first cousin.  I'm not exactly certain who the common ancestor is.  The sisters are definitely with everyone else in our family tree from the family reunion, though.

If you find this website confusing, complicated, upsetting and hate it so much I suggest you take your question elsewhere or get yourself some decent genealogy software that will give you the answer to your relationship questions.  We are all here to share information and help out each other.  In fact we all did not join GenealogyWise to ask ONE question and so my question to you is why did you even bother?  I think it was more than generous of Gena to even try to answer your ONE question and the chart she suggested is also an excellent resource.

On second thought. it sounds to me as though you are not really interested in genealogy at all but just finding out what your relationship is to someone famous.  If that is the case, this is not the site for you.  I stand corrected if I am wrong about that theory.

That's the same impression I got.

Do read the reply listed below ... as you can see for yourself, it apparently wound up at a wrong reply space?  THIS is what I am saying about one of the MANY reasons it is NOT User-Friendly.  I have NEVER had grief like this from ANY other web site. 

You certainly should stand corrected. I stand by my every word. This is a HORRIBLY upsetting and far too complicated site -- much more than it needs to be.  No one should have to go through all that I did for the ONE QUESTION.  "Genealogy" is what you would have a site for in the first place. Any other site more "user-friendly" which this IS NOT ... wouldn't be so utterly complex.  You wouldn't have to go through all the registry and then WAIT around for acceptance? No, I am not interested in genealogy, it has given me a headache - just to come here, and yes for ONE QUESTION.  I shouldn't have gone through that. And I do NOT like my personal name and info having to be given and available online all over the place.  I value my privacy and I had to do all of that just for YES-ONE QUESTION!!  More than generous, I stated a thank you for any and all replies with my query. My response again thanked her.  You people here are simply "chatters". I had one simple question. As far as my interest of being "related to someone famous", I think you are psychologically projecting, and thinking of your own hopes in a family tree. Or you've seen it before and decided to lump me into a category. We saw the names going over the family tree and history, and recalled them visiting back home, my mother knew how mostly everyone was related in the reunion information, but those were the two she wasn't sure of the relationship. I just recall meeting them and hearing how our family was related. We both wondered.  That's why I asked the ONE QUESTION.   Why did I join? Because I HAD TO to get an answer.  One question.  All I was asking was ONE SINGLE question and I went through all the registry and the waiting (for an "acceptance no less"  just for a question?) and my personal information is "out there" for the Internet when I value my privacy? I really do not like my name being "out there".  And all tto ask one question? This was the site recommended for a question on geneaology.  That makes sense.  What doesn't is all I've had to go through just to ask a simple question.  This site is NOT user-friendly.  Not at all.

It is a difficult thing to understand, it takes practice. The chart I mentioned should help.

One example of the common ancestor would be your paternal grandparents would be a common ancestor for you and your cousins (first cousins, children of your dad's  siblings).


Thanks for the reply. I gave up.  My head hurts from this site.

know the feeling good luck

As stated above, I gave uup. But thank you for the reply.

1)This site is full of nice, helpful people.   You may want to check your attitude and interact with us in a positive way.  I have learned an invaluable amount of information from others in the few months I've been here.

2) The site is not that hard to use, after a week or so.

3)  I hate to disappoint you, but YOU are not related to Venus and Serena directly.  You simply share mutual relatives.  It does sound like your first cousins once removed (your grandfather's nieces) are related to them, however.

All three are very good points, Christine and well said!




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