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Help with Prentiss Thompson, Iona Hess, Nicholas Matice, Benjamin Duers

Thompson, Hess, Duers, Matice Frank Thompson whom is my grandfather was the child of Iona Hess (abt. 1866 to 1938) married William H. Thompson (1867 to 1949) Ray Thompson and Effie Post were William's parents. Ray's parents were Elsie Duers Thompson (1831 to 1910) and Adelbert Thompson (1846 to 1919) Prentiss Thompson (abt. 1821 and Caroline Matice (Avery and Patterson) were Adelbert's parents. Elsie's (also spelled Elsy) father is believed to be Benjamin Duers whom is buried near her grave in Alabama NY. Caroline's parents are Nicholas Matice and Nancy Vroman Matice of Orleans County (Shelby NY) Trying to find any information on all and especially Prentiss whom it is believed left Caroline and moved to Pennsylvania and then Ohio where his other wife may have died and he returned to visit Western NY in 1895 as a pauper and root medicine man?? He may have had other children in PA or Ohio. Prentiss may have had a father named Rufus whom was said to have been in the Batavia NY area in the early 1800's. I have no proof of this and cannot confirm it. It was mentioned in a 1895 article in Batavia NY but it isn't confirmed that the Prentiss in the article is our Prentiss

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Replies to This Discussion i found this . might be of some help . i am willing to help u with your search

Robyn, Thanks. I already had that information though. John was my distant cousin and died a few years ago. Most of his notes and information is gone or unknown to me where it would be. I do have everything he put on the internet though. 

This should read William H. and Iona (Hess) were Ray's Parents. Ray and Effie (Post) were Frank's parents.

Change above info: Adelbert and Elsie Duers had William.William and Iona Hess were Ray's parents. Ray and Effie Post had Frank my g-grandfather and 7 other children.





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