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Today is the one-week birthday of GenealogyWise. In the last couple of days we have had to face some censorship issues for the first time. We have not been around long enough to have set policies for these kind of issues. So, we want to turn to you, our members, to help us set our censorship policies. We invite each of you to respond letting us know whether or not you think the following types of posts should be censored:

(1) Content related to pornography or adult content
(2) Content promoting products and services not related to genealogy (business opportunities, etc.)
(3) Content that is disrespectful or rude (name calling, etc.)

We value your feedback and want your help in setting policies. What do you think?

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I think those three should be done on a regular basis around here.
All three of the suggested topics which should not appear in posts on GenealogyWise are valid. One other posting I think worthy of censure is sales pitches for genealogy or other products. Not information on where to find books or programs or information - but rather obvious invitations to buy such, with prices and the like, usually placed by individuals or companies seeking to make money. Perhaps some might think this harsh... I say not, for there are plenty of resources on the Web for direct sales. Keep GenealogyWise free from sales pitches, please!
All 3 should be forbidden. Thanks for asking.
I agree that items you list in 1,2,3 should be eliminated from posts.

Dave Stanton
Of course these three should be edited out. Most genealogists have more respect for their fellow researchers than to use such content.
There is no need for any of the 3 areas of concern to be involved with the search for family. Someone who thinks their freedom of speech is being impaired doesn't realize that I or any of us don't want to hear any of that stuff. So, in those cases, my freedom to not hear any of that stuff is being restricted. Plain and simple.
I am a new member to this site and I have to say that I find it sad that you find it necessary to censor, but I do understand.

Here are my opinion on your three types of posts:

(1) - I am quite ambivalent to this. Of course, downright pornographic and adult content should be banned and censored on this site. HOWEVER I don't think that pictures of people in bathingsuits or even underwear is to be considered pornographic or adult, if they are related to a topic or subject connected with genealogy. This because we are used to see that on the beach everytime we go bathing and nobody could claim that those situations are pornographic or adult.

Nor should nudity in non-photographic art be censored. That is just plain stupid, puritanical and fundamentalistic.

(2) - That should be forbidden. This is a site about genealogy. If you want to find other products och businesses, use a search engine.

(3) - This should be tried on an individual basis and not be a general ban. Have a function that make it possible to report posts that you find rude and disrespectful.
Have a few, not just one, persons who read the posts and then take a decision on whether or not the post is disrespectful or rude.
The reason why it should be more than one person who take that decision is obvoius.
I think it would be appropriate to censor all three of the above. This is a website for genealogy exchange. Pornography, adult content and people selling things not related to genealogy has nothing to do with what we are looking for here and I don't think it is wanted. I do think nudity in connection with art in genealogy is the exception.

As for being disrespectful or rude, I don't think it should be tolerated. A civilized discussion conducted in a kind a reasonable manner is what we need. There is no reason for any person to be hateful or disrespectful to anyone else here. If a person finds himself becoming out of control, he should just back out of the discussion or be taken out and given a warning. Second notice is the limit.

If any of the items you have listed above are tolerated here, it will undermine the integrity and usefulness of this website. I personally do not join chats or any website or anything else on-line that allows such. There is absolutely no reason people cannot act in a gracious and civilized manner no matter where they are and there is no excuse for being rude. Having the last word is not cool.

I have enjoyed this website immensely and hope it does not come to the point where I would prefer to stay away rather than be subjected to rude behavior and have to view unrelated content and trash.
My views are fairly simple

1) this is a genealogy website so there is no need for pornography or adult content. Unless of course it is in context with a relative and his/her life( i.e.Danny Larue etc)
2) Content not related to genealogy should either be on a different website or in It's own properly described forum.
3) Content that is rude or disrespectful should be returned to sender for cleanup before being used/not used.

I am fairly liberal minded but everything has its proper place and should be kept that way.
Well, duh, ofcourse we don't want porn or adult content and why bother advertising goods and services if we only want stuff about genealogy. I understand that every site advertises so that they can stay in business so I would be agreeable if you need paid ads....but rude or name calling? No way should that be allowed under any circumstances. That's it from me, a newbie to your site.
I am in agreeement to censor content listed in number 1 above, period. There is no need for it in genealogy research.
I agree with number 2 to be censored as written.
I agree with number 3 also. There is no room for desrepect, being rude, use of foul langage ( including the use of asterics for some of the letters in the word), name calling etc. There is the English language which is more than adequate to express someone's thoughts, opinion, concerns etc. If someone finds themselves in a mood which would prevent them from being civil with regards to these requirements then they should log out for a while to cool down then come back later when under control. Everyone has right to their opinion, and if you feel that srong in opposition, then express it in a civil manner. Otherwise, as stated earlier, log out and cool down.
Darned little moderation needed, in my opinion. And no censorship. Only material totally unrelated to genealogy and perhaps obvious disrespectful posts need to be deleted. Including intrusive commercialism.

Mostly a non-issue.



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