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Today is the one-week birthday of GenealogyWise. In the last couple of days we have had to face some censorship issues for the first time. We have not been around long enough to have set policies for these kind of issues. So, we want to turn to you, our members, to help us set our censorship policies. We invite each of you to respond letting us know whether or not you think the following types of posts should be censored:

(1) Content related to pornography or adult content
(2) Content promoting products and services not related to genealogy (business opportunities, etc.)
(3) Content that is disrespectful or rude (name calling, etc.)

We value your feedback and want your help in setting policies. What do you think?

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Yes to all 3. This should be a family friendly site
I have come to this thread late but would like to suggest.

(1) No to pornography or adult content.
I do not see any offence in repeating the terms found in parish registers that cover illegitimacy.
I do find it offensive to use an obscene word by replacing letter with asterisks. That to me is not only the same as using the full word but implies one does not have the intelligence to decode the asterisks.

(2) No to none genealogical products.
I do feel that limited advertising of genealogical products or services should be acceptable. My main reason for this is it helps small suppliers to address the stranglehold the large corporations hold on the market and benefits users.

(3) Content that is disrespectful or rude should be left in place (unless obscene) but the poster should be warned to moderate their behaviour.
If the postings are simply removed then others cannot see what a particular poster is actually like.

We are about the business of locating our family history. I view that as a quest that is sacred and leaves no room to do things not related to that quest . THIS IS SERIOUS WORK! There is NO ROOM for any of the points mentioned above.

If you want to allow vendors, then I suggest a SEPARATE area where they can post their items. Give us the OPTION of viewing or not viewing their wares.

PORN has no place here!
Rude or mean spirited people responding to posts or placing posts should not be allowed either.

Carole Bell



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