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Help please with a U.K. Birth Certificate - W.R.a.7 ???????

I have just recieved a copy of my grandmothers birth certificate from the GRO in the U.K., one thing is puzzling me though. Under her mothers name it has "W.R.a.7" written. Does anyone know or care to explain what these letters/code mean ?

The birth certificate was issued in 1919 and is from South Stoneham
District was St Mary Extra
County was Southampton, Hampshire.

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I have a lot of certs from England, Jason, but not one of them has those letters on it. I believe that you can go online and research by just putting in those codes and the country and just possibly receive an idea. Just a thought.

Would it be possible to post a copy of the certificate on the site and then we may be able to help.
I have attached the file as requested. The "WRa7" is in the center of the image immediately beneath the mothers name.
Ezziej, just to be clear this is NOT the GRO volume number and page number these are letters that appear beneath the mothers name inside the mothers name entry area on the certificate.
Women's Royal Air Force? It was formed in 1918, so quite possibly she was a member.
Jason -

I see you have an answer to this query now - but the England or Hampshire groups might also have served you well :-)

England is at
and has links to the county groups.

Do join !
This is WRAF - Womens Royal Air Force . Try the National Archives site for a history of her service.
Thanks to members for their help !





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