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There doesn't seem to be a "help" button, or FAQ or Contact Us???

I have seen this mentioned on another post, but I wanted to make it a topic to see if some one from FamilyLink might pay attention. I also wanted to see if this would make a discussion box appear on my page.

It seems like if we could just add text boxes we could do almost anything we wanted. This page: Widgets makes me think that we are supposed to be able to add more.

I haven't added anything, because I can't decide what the best use of my one box would be.

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I've used a textbox to add a list of my personal websites. There is an app which will give you extra text boxes if you need them:

It's just a question of deciding what to do with them. You can re-arrange all the elements on your page and put the text boxes wherever you like.
Yes I saw that "My text box" app, but I couldn't figure out a way to change the title of the box, it seems like the title will always be "my text box", ?????

Am I missing something?

Does anyone know how to put an RSS feed (for a second blog) in a text box, with HTML or something?

I think there must be some sort of bug with the app. I could change the title of the box provided on the profile page. At the moment it doesn't seem to be possible to do anything with the text box app at all, let alone change the title. If I click on edit I keep getting bounced back to the settings page. I presume someone will read this and get it fixed.

There is an app that will mash together up to five RSS feeds. I haven't yet tried it but it might do what you want:
Yes the apps do seem pretty messed up, I checked out the RSS app that you mentioned and it worked, but again you couldn't change the title so it seemed confusing to me, I feel like people might not know what they are looking at.

There was a place before you add the app to look at what other members have done with it, I like that.
I found I way to add an RSS feed with a "Blidget" at Widgetbox, I fought with it awhile but I was able to make a custom one, and put it in the original text box that we got.

The trick is - when you get to the "embed code" step click on the flash tab.

look in my left column at the my graveyard rabbit feed to see it in action.
Yes, you need a HELP page and Fast

You have almost 3000 groups, yet your Icon format takes forever....

why not a simple list, say with 100 per page?

it will take forever to view all the groups this way
Im a newbie at all this. I dont understand what a text box is and what it can/should be used for.

Hi Richard,

Richard Dexter said:
Im a newbie at all this. I dont understand what a text box is and what it can/should be used for.


I have noticed that many people are using their text box to put a list of their favorite links, either to their blogs or to favorite research site or whatever.

I finally chose to use mine for my second blog, because I wanted a "Detailed" feed with pictures, In a post above I mentioned that I use a "Blidget" to accomplish that.

My wife and I have been using Wordpress for years and use text boxes for lots of things on the side bars of our personal blog.

You could use it to display badges of other groups you belong to I.E. Geneabloggers, or H.O.G.S. etc

Or.. you could use it to post advertisements, even google ads, I admit I didn't read the terms when I joined GenealogyWise, I'm not sure if that is allowed. Probably not.

That is all I can think of - anyone else???





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