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I am brand new here and excited about this venue.   A social media site for genealogists - brilliant!  My tribe!  
Can anyone advise me on how to flip my profile pic?  I have tried multiple ways.  Maybe an admin can do it for me?  

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Hi Cami. I can't see a way to edit your photo. I checked my profile and didn't see a way to edit my photo. I can reset it and you can upload another profile photo. Make sure it is the way you want it before you upload. :)

Thanks Cheryl!  I use that photo for all my social media sites.  The original photo is properly aligned.  That’s why this placement was such a mystery to me.   I will try it again. Maybe it was just a fluke.   Thanks for your help!

Cheryl — can you delete that photo as well.   I don’t know what the problem is.  I guess I will just go without a photo.   Thank you!

That is a mystery. I have reset it again. Maybe take a screenshot of your photo in proper orientation and then upload that one?



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