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Hi, I am at a stand still in my research for my paternal side of family. I have no one to ask for any family information.

My great grandfather was Rasmus Bondeson Hansen born Jan. 10, 1879 in Naesbjerg, Ribe Amt Varde Kobstad, Vester Horne.?  Came to the U.S. in 1898.  Married Sophia Johansen in 1900.

His parents were Ole Hansen bn Nov 4, 1845 in Naesbjerg and Margrethe Christine Rasmussen.

Ole's parents were Hans Christen Pedersen  bn apx 1795 and Kirsten Marie Jorgensdatter.

And information to break through my wall would be of tremendous grattitude.

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You're actually doing pretty well to have gone back that far.   What sources are you using?

I have been using ancestry and statens arkivers, when I can get that site to work for me. A woman who uses ancestry helped me out earlier this year, she can read danish. She got info from parish and emailed me info. Is there a site I can go to to look up death records?

Have you tried familysearch?

Hi Denise,

All the following is from the Næsbjerg, Skast, Ribe church book.

Ole Hansen was born 4 Nov 1845 and baptized 26 Dec 1845, parents Hans Christian Pedersen and Kirsten Marie Jørgensdatter, opslag 7 nr 5..

Hans Christian Pedersen and Kirsten Marie Jørgensdatter were married 6 May 1830, opslag 37 nr 2.

Hans Christian Pedersen was baptized 19 Apr 1795, parents Peder Johansen and Ane Sørensdatter, opslag 129 nr 6.

KJersten Marie Jørgensdatter was baptized 23 Oct 1803, parents Jørgen Christensen and Maren Iversdatter, opslag 143 nr 9.

Here is the family in the 1845 census

All persons in the household

Ribe, Skast, Næsbjerg, Næsbjerg Sogn, Næsberg, , en Gaard, 8, FT-1850

Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation: Birth place:
Hans Chr. Pedersen 56 Gift Gaardmand, Huusfader Her i Sognet ( Næsbjerg)
Kirsten Maria Jørgensdatter 48 Gift hans Kone Do - Her i Sognet ( Næsbjerg)
Jørgen Hansen 16 Ugift Deres Børn Do - Her i Sognet ( Næsbjerg)
Mette Hansen 14 - Deres Børn Do - Her i Sognet ( Næsbjerg)
Hans Hansen 11 - Deres Børn Do - Her i Sognet ( Næsbjerg)
Ole Hansen 5 - Deres Børn Do - Her i Sognet ( Næsbjerg)
Thomas Søren Hansen 10 - Deres Pleiesøn

Øsse Sogn, Ribe Amt




Thank You so much for the help! I thought that Peder Johansen and Ane Sorensdatter may have been Hans Chr parents. Something kept throwing me off. I did print out and had a question mark as if they may bethe  parents. So I was on the right track!

So Thomas Soren Hansen, is not their child am I correct?

Thanks for getting info for jorgen and maren as well.

I appreciate your help!


Hi Denise,

I think I have found the marriage of Jørgen Chirstensen and Maren Iversdatter.  They were married 19 Oct 1787 in Torstrup, Øster Horne, Ribe, opslag 249.  Torstrup is the parish next to Næsbjerg.


Thomas Søren Hansen is not their child.  He is a foster child.


Thank You Paul

For your information, Thomas Søren Hansen was born Thomas Søren Jensen on 24 Sep 1840 in Øse, Skast, Ribe, parents Hans Jensen and Kirsten Marie Pedersdatter, opslag 2 nr 7.  His birth record has the name Hansen above Jensen.  Perhaps this means he was adopted.


Hi Paul, I hope I am not bothering you with all my questions.

 I am having a hard time finding death records. Is this  normal in Denmark in earlier years to not record  Or something I would find in church records? And is it common for families to stay in same area?  Again thanks for your help.



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