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On last Thursday several of us found that we could not gain access to GW. Evey attempt and every link led to a GoDaddy page which said it was "parked free on this site." There seemed to be no way to get around or past the page all day.

Anybody know what happened? And what we should do if it happens again?

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I am not sure what happened, but was very confused by it all. But was more confused as to why Genealogy Wise did not let us know what was going on. I finally said they must be having problems with their server.
While this site was down, GW did communicate with users via Twitter. Also, Family Tree Magazines Facebook page had the following message: "GenealogyWise update: Paul Allen (FamilyLink CEO) tweeted that it's a DNS (Domain Name System) error and is being fixed, but site will take time to propagate."

Godaddy did not take over this site. The generic page you fond at the time is the standard page Godaddy uses when this sort of problem arises. I have several sites hosted there and have had that happen a couple of times over the years.
They had edited the DNS record and made some mistake. I noticed what had happened, informed FamilyLink, and they fixed it. The correction took some time to propagate to all DNS servers. The site itself was never gone, you just could not find it for a while.
You do not need to do anything when it happens again, but you may want to check #genealogy tweets on twitter for the latest news and updates on things like this. FamilyLink has said they will try to prevent this from happening again.
For those of us who did not see the Twitter message it would perhaps have been polite to tell people what had happened on this site once it was all back to normal.



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