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I have German Ancestry in my family on several lines. I am intersted in Tombstone photos from German Cemeteries if anyone has any idea or connections with miliatry members or German friends that would love to take tombstone photos. Silly me I lived in Germany for eight years but wasn't doing genealogy then. Any help?

Michen Wehren WEHRY-[33106] b: Dec 1654, Ingweiler, Germany, d: Jun 27, 1728, Ingweiler, Germany His son Johann Jacob Wehren WEHRY-[19490] b: Jan 1689/90, Ingweiler, Zweibrucken, Germany, d: Jul 2, 1763, Ingweiler, Germany

I will dig out the other members that I need from Germany.

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I empathize with your desire for tombstones. However, be advised that cemetery records in Germany from even 100 years ago are few & far between. Have you exhausted the parish records for births, confirmations, marriages, deaths, etc.?

We go to Germany for our own & our clients' research, but would certainly not guarantee that we'd find what you seek. More likely would be to find the parish registers either on microfilm or on-site in Germany.

Germany, Bayern, Einöd-Ingweiler

According to Meyers gazetteer, this is the Ingweiler that is associated with Zweibruecken. Certain microfilms are available if more research is needed. Religion?

Germany, Bayern, Einöd-Ingweiler - Church records

Kirchenbuch, 1657-1961 Katholische Kirche Blieskastel (BA. Sankt Ingbert)

Kirchenbuch, 1798-1881 Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche Ernstweiler (Bubenhausen, BA. Zweibrücken)

Kirchenbuch, 1907-1955 Evangelische Kirche Einöd (Einöd-Ingweiler)

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You probably won't find tombstones for these early dates because Germans re-use cemetery plots, and build new graves on top of older ones.
I live in Germany near Stuttgart. Is Ingweiler/Zweibrucken near Kaiserslautern? If so, I'll try to find the cemeteries next time I go up to Ramstein. Can you send info on churches/cemetery locations or anything else to guide me via email -
Any other photos you might like from that area, let me know.
Cathy Vilga Lloyd
I think you will be disappointed in your search for tombstones. While there are "Family Plots" in many places, the practice of burials and tombstones is quite different in Germany than it is here. Usually after about 25 years, the grave is reused, bones of the former occupant moved aside to make room for a newer body.

In much of Europe they re-use grave sites and will not have ones this old. Many of the members of the protestant reformed and French Reformed church in Ernstweiler had people that were buried in Ingweiler, especially those who lived in Einöd and Ingweiler. 

As for your ancestry, are you sure they were Wery descendants? I have been trying to find a tie between the 2 families and have not had any luck as of yet.There were Wehren/Wern families and there were Wery/Very families, the latter ones arrived in the Zweibrücken area from Courcelles Chaussy, which is in the department of Moselle, Lorraine, France. I have been trying to tie Jacob's brother Johann Peter Wehren to the Werys but have not been able to do so. Once he arrived in SC in 1735 he was known as John Peter Wern. 

Do you have a copy of Jacob's burial record? It is available on microfilm in the Evangelisch (Reformed) Church Records for Ernstweiler.



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