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I joined GenealogyWise when it first came upon the blogging scene. I was glad to see it there for the genealogist, but then came my roadblock: TIME... Between, the genealogy site I write for, Gtownma's Genealogy, my blog and Facebook, it was hard to add more writing. Did I say I was also full time student in college? I have a Twitter and other accounts, too but rarely visit them.

There comes a time we have to take personal account of the time we have and make decisions. I will keep GenealogyWise, but will only be able to visit occasionally. So, please don't be offended if I don't answer right away, or catch me at Facebook.

I decided to choose Facebook as my "non-genealogy" friends are there as well. Seemed to be more logical, time wise. I would love any comments here or on my facebook page.


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