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If you could have one genealogy wish (besides your research being completed) what would it be?

Think small, think large, think crazy and ridiculous!

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Lora - sent you a private reply - 1940 seems your best bet.  Merry Christmas!

Thanks Al,

I responded.

To find a Sister I never knew

I wish I knew the true German spelling of my 2nd great grandfather's name of Risner because I know it was shortened and not spelled like that.

If i had 1 wish it would be to go to Denmark to research about my father. Johannes Hartman Jacobsen.

I wish more people would answer queries when I write to them.  I write a lot of emails and even old-fashioned letters, but my success rate is less than 5%.

Inspired by what Ellen Healy said, I wish I knew twelve-fourteen years ago, what I do now. Both of my parents would still be alive and I could share with them what I've learned about both of their branches. It kills me sometimes (and I actually weep) because I was too slow to get to the truth of it. I've also made a connection to my Dad's (surname) side of the family. We've been cut-off from them since around 1905+. Was very nice to meet in person, my second cousin, once removed, whose mother bore my maiden name and was born on the family farm — in England. That which we own, no more.

I've been able to clarify a family rumor (it was true) and made the connection to a family branch that I took to be rumor (story) only. Where my paternal grandfather had us related to the side of a certain family, (as in he was a great 'uncle' so many times back, as opposed to direct). And that this 'uncle' was never married! Turns out, he was both wrong and right. Right in the fact that yes we ARE related, and wrong to the fact that he was more of an 'uncle' having never been married. We are DIRECTLY related to this man, putting us smack dab in the middle of American history! He's my sixth great-grandfather. Married twice and father of eighteen children between both marriages. We're from his first marriage.

Yes, I would gladly travel back in time to tell them what I've since learned. And beg their forgiveness for being so slow at it.

I am going to have to say that we find out who my grandmother's mother was.  She is a complete mystery, went by 3 or 4 names, different in three different census, different on her marriage certificate.  Who was she before, who was she after, what did she do after 1925?  I feel sorry for her.


 My paternal great-grandmother went through a name evolution, of sorts. My grandfather said his mother's name was Edith Pearl. However, she married my great-grandfather under the name of Eda Pearl. In the census records she went by her middle name. My great-grandfather was killed on the job  in 1905 and Pearl shows up in the 1910 census record as Pearl Hicks. In answer to the question as to how long married, 4 years. I know it was my great-grandmother because at least two of her sons were listed by name. My maiden name is on the rare side in the States, and many cannot pronounce it. The name was spelled incorrectly, but many are in the census records. It was close enough to realize this was my family.

Later on she appears in a court petition as Edith Wamsher. Wamsher was a surname my grandfather mentioned. This time she and her fiance were asking the court to waive the three-day waiting period to get a marriage license. The wording of the court decision was such that whatever the sensitive reason for the petition cannot be ascertained. Again, her married name changed, but she was now Edith, regardless.

Good luck on your journey. Check for court documents to see if you can find her by any of her aliases. I feel your pain. I had to find Edith's death certificate in order to apply for the D.A.R. . I used the wrong married name and that's why I couldn't find her. Who knew? Stumbling across that court petition as I did cracked open the nut. I now have a copy of her death certificate.

In about 2-2 1/2 months I should hear if I've been accepted into the D.A.R. .

Good luck

I wish that I'll be as wealthy as my family history has always been!



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