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If you could have one genealogy wish (besides your research being completed) what would it be?

Think small, think large, think crazy and ridiculous!

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I would wish to go back in time to talk with my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother again, and this time I wouldn't waste time- I would know what questions I want to ask!  Ellen Healy
I wish the people who sign up on the various groups on Genealogy Wise would actually participate!
I wish I could meet someone who truly knew the person I'm seeking.  Who could tell me how they walked, dressed, what they thought was funny.  Their loves and pains.  IHow they feel in love...or out of love.  Their hard knocks in life, their fears.

i wish i could have met my artist great-grandfather Charles Leaver Shaw


Two things actually, but closely related.

1 - That census takers had legible handwriting

2 - Census transcribers/indexers could read

absolutely agree with this one!...have been doing family tree for over 6yrs now, and the hardest part has been trying to decipher Ireland's 'I''s , Scotish 'S''s and the main one I'm looking for is 'F' for foreign parts, which can look like an I, S and F !!!! Like occupation being a Dreffmaker!....drives me cravy!  My wish is to find my g.g. grandmother who was born in France, and married a Casey in around 1827.

I so agree! And some of the times, they only wrote down HOW the name sounded like it was spelled, not how it actually was! Hard enough to have to use a magnifying glass and still only read part of it, but then to have it spelled different is a pain!

I've taken my family tree from a handfull of names to approximatly 30,000 names with all types of stories, and pictures.  But the one person I can not get pass the basic birh and death is my own mother.  The death certificate that I Finally found was incorrect.  Unless my father and her were getting a divorce at that time!  Well my father was having an affair with another women when she died.  I have not even got to my mothers dark side yet.  I was warned not even to go their on my mothers side.  Ho! boy do I have some questions to ask my mother if she was still alive.  I'm digging real hard in the information that I have, and may be able to write a good book when I;m done.  For my great grandmothers second husband was killed, and here third husband was put into jail for a big robbery.  I love the old news papers for where they led you.  They are like going back in time.

Ohhh I would never wish for my research to be completed - then life would have less meaning :)  Torn between knowing the real father of my great-grandfather Charlie POUNDS or being able to go back in time to the summer of 1879 to my beloved Toronto and save the life of Newman Hall SMITH.

I would wish to find out where my Dad was from 1931 (birth) to 1940.  He just falls off the planet in the 1940 census.  I know he was in a childrens home in California, but this brick wall is a nasty one!

Lora - you have no address or name for that that home?  There are tricks to find someone missing in the census (usually a transcription error) if you have an urban address.  Or know someone else who was in the home.  I KNOW, too much to ask...

Hi Al,

I have nothing.  At this point we are guessing.  We have photos of him and my aunt in some kind of childrens home.  We have tried to be picture detectives with magnifying glasses and all that and have come up with nothing.  We do know it was in California and most probably in the Los Angeles area. They were never adopted, not sure of the story behind that.  His parents just dropped them off and moved to Texas with their other children.  We have contacted a few homes that have looked for us and they have said that they had no record of him or my aunt.  We have also tried to contact a couple of people who were with him at the McKinley Home before he ran away from there.  No luck there either.  LOL  This one is driving my sister and I nuts.  We have both of their birth records and death records and nothing in between.



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