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Please share your genealogy stories that have become adventures. Sometimes when you start researching your family history it takes many twists and turns like a rollercoaster. And you can sometimes turn it into a lot of fun.

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My father in law told my husband that there were graves in a certain cemetery that were his relatives.

So one blustery Virginia day, my husband and I headed for said cemetery to look for these graves. On the way we got lost, but finally found the cemetery. It was not a huge cemetery, but big enough! So, my husband and I began wandering around looking for Marshall's that we might be related too. Marshall is a more popular name than we realized, so, we spent about two hours wandering around! I took a picture of every headstone that I found with Marshall on it. My husband and I had a great time wandering around and looking at all the different names and dates, though we did get a lot of weird looks for spending the afternoon in the cemetery!



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