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I get an error message when trying to sync the two trees. The message reads: "The last sync failed. An error occurred while "Analyzing changes from Family Tree Maker." You may want to restart FTM and try again later." Restarting FTM and/or shutting down computer don't solve the issue.

My only activity in FTM was to change the case of the surnames of cousins and ancestors by marriage (leaving only direct line in CAPS). I did the change both individually and by using the Find and Replace function when there were a number of surnames.

My Question: is there a way to determine where the error is? The syncing stops at the same spot every time.

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I read a number of posts on and this appears to be a common problem. I've just created a new tree and if the problem continues, I'm going to uninstall FTM 2014 and go back to FTM 2012. It would be nice to get a refund!


Have you registered FTM2014?

Please click on Tools, Compact file, use the Back Up feature when offered, then run the SYNCNow again.


Russ, I'm pretty sure I registered FTM2014. I had tried what you suggested and still had the issue. I finally gave up and uploaded my backup tree to Ancesty as a new tree.

Pretty sure, doesn't count. Please click on Help and Register.

Thank you,


I'm registered. How does that help me?


If the software isn't registered, there are features that don't work correctly.

Each time you Install Family Tree Maker you MUST Register it. If a Feature doesn't work right, it may be resolved by Registering again.


I am getting the same problems and yes I have registered.

My problem is worse though. The help service suggested that I unlink and re link but that doesn't help. When I attempt to download my online tree to re-establish the link I get the message:

Sync Error

An error occurred while synchronizing this tree. You may want to restart FTM and try again later, but if this message recurs, you may need to unlink your trees and upload a new linked tree from Family Tree Maker.

I am in touch with technical support and providing them with additional information.

Considering that I had serious problems at the early stages of using FTM2013, problems that were fixed after issuing updates, and am now in difficulty with FTM2014 I wonder how stringent pre release testing has been?


There is something with your file or on your computer because I have run several TreeSyncs™ today.

Have you compacted your file recently?


Yes, I have compacted the file that's not linked but I don't see how that can help when I am attempting to download my tree from Ancestry to set up a new link.

I agree that there is likely to be something wrong on my computer but what?


There is a new Knowledge Base Article about the TreeSync™ issues for you to read and follow:

Please go to the Knowledge Base website:

and enter 5433 in the Search Support field and click on the Search Button. That will take you to an article that should help you with this. There are a number of items to read and do, but please do follow them.


Thanks Russ, but I've been down this track before, first with 2012 and now with 2014. I feel that I'm spending valuable research time sorting out problems that shouldn't exist. Early on FTM2012 was a disaster and it was many months before I had sorted out the problems left over from the errors faulty synchronisation left behind. I don't want to go through the same again.


So I have uninstalled FTM 2014 and reinstalled FTM 2012. I have successfully downloaded and linked my tree again to FTM 2012. I couldn't do that with FTM 2014 after the first synchronisation failure.


I will forget about FTM 2014 until the messages complaining that it doesn't work have dried up. My research time is far to valuable to me than to use it up sorting out issues that just shouldn't exist.


Thanks for your valiant efforts




Sorry you are having these issues, I use FTM2014 every day and haven't had a problem since it came out and I installed it.

Good luck,




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