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Hi everyone,

I was doing a search on my Uncle who was killed in WWII. I got a hit on rootsweb that lists him and his siblings, his wife and daughter. However, the people who are living, are obviously not listed by name. The poster had an email address I tried sending a note too, it came back.

My Uncles name is Edwin Orville Wilty. Killed while serving on a naval ship during WWII. He was married to Edna Mae. The obit I received in the mail today lists her as living in Portland Oregon at the time he was killed.

How can I find out who posted the information about him that came up on roootsweb? I would love for my mother/my side of the family to connect with his daughter if I can find her.

Thank you!

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Very frustrating!

If it was World Connect where you found the connection, I'd send a postum.

I'd google the poster.

I'd go to an appropriate message board on & try to find this person listed.

Good luck! Margot
Thanks Margot, I will give those suggestions a try.
Rootsweb mailing lists are not as popular as they were before forums began appearing.
Check the date of the posting on the Rootsweb mailing list, if it is a recent date subscribe to the list and make a posting yourself.
The other person my reply to you.

You could also search the Rootsweb archives to try to find more recent postings by that person in case they have changed their email address.
Rootsweb lists may be found at
You found me! Did I have something posted on here?
No Shannon you didn't. When I couldn't find you I posted a question here.

FYI to those looking for relatives... I found my cousin on Facebook of all places!! Yeah!
There are 2 families with the name Wilty in Oregon as we speak : Walter John Wilty and family
Amy Jo Wilty
Jackie Wilty
Jacqueline Louise Wilty
Scott A Wilty
Gerald L Wilty
Gary L Wilty
Walt J Wilty

And Delores Wilty in Myrtle Creek OR
Try the phonebook I suggest





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