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Emily Hunter (Nee Billington)

My Great Grandfather Walter Billington’s only sister and sibling to survive to adulthood.

Born Manchester ( Possibly Newton Neath/Salford area) abt 1866.

Moved to Sheffield (1871 census)and then Hull  (1881 , 1891 , 1901 )with family etc.

Married James Henry Hunter in Hull in 1890. ( a Leed Merchant Clerk in 1891 and a Dock Foreman (Grain) by 1901)

To 1901 , they had 4 children – all born in Hull. Stanley 1984 Lillian 1896 Olive 1898  Dorothy 1900.

I’d like to know as much as I can about this family being Walter’s only connection.

It is possible they moved to Liverpool according to family stories, certainly there is a death in 1950 which could be Emily Jul-Aug-Sep 1950 , Liverpool South age 84.  

I’d like to be able to find out at least if this is her and where she is buried so I could visit at somepoint.

Any other information would be a bonus.



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Hi Dan,

Have you got a copy of the 1911 census for the family?  See transcription below:


Living at 57 Mayfield Street, Hull

James Henry Hunter born Hull 1871 - manager of timber business

Emily Hunter born 1867 Manchester, Lancs - married 19 yrs total of 7 children born / 5 living & 2 deceased by 1911.

Stanley age 17 - insurance clerk

Lillian 15 - domestic servant

Olive 13

Evelyn 8

Elsie 5

Peter Billing- Father in law is living with them age 73 - retired patten maker engineering.


Deaths - Do you know when James H Hunter died?  there are several possible matches.  One of them being Liverpool - 1941 age 69 died in Liverpool North?  (vol 8b page 1308).  This may help to narrow down if Emily is also in the same death district.


To find out if the death of Emily in Liverpool South 1950 is her, you would need to spend the 9.25 GBP and order a death certificate. which of course may nor may not reveal anything new.  Death certs only have the persons name, approx age, how they died, who witnessed it and where they lived - no birth date, birth city of other info is required.  Probate records online stop at 1941 currently, so they are no help. - get the volume & page number from the death index to order. cost includes worldwide shipping. - Yorkshire BMD is good for verifying and gaining more info on any birth,marriage, death in Yorkshire counties - Hull shows up on these. 


Ancestry has released the Liverpool Parish records - did you check those? I know they have some Catholic burials listed but I don't see your Hunter's showing there.


I also checked in the ancestry family tree community to see if anyone else has the same family already listed, but oddly no one has surfaced with your James H Hunter/Emily yet!   Maybe keep an eye on the public family trees as collaboration is good way to go and definitely cheaper to start with than having to order multiple certificates.


If you need help planning a trip back to Liverpool, will be able to help you with cemetary/graveyard visits as part of any trip they organize.


I'll keep looking to see if I can dig up anything else relevant to you.



Hi Molly


Thanks for that great information, I have been able to place Emily in Liverpool now , from her husbands Probate - he died in 1940 and they were living at 14 Honeys Green Lane, Liverpool,

So it looks like the death could be her in Liverpool, so there goes another £9.25 out of my wallet !

Thanks again






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