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I am new to Legacy.I have an extensive family tree part of which I used to create a descendant chart, when I go to publish, then email it says my pages are too big for PDF or any other format. I have checked my page set up details in the print options and they are correct. What else can I try?

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I have had the same problem. Unwieldy as it is, I cut mine in two at some user-friendly place, then send both halves with instructions for putting it back together.

Are you using the separate Legacy Charting tools, or just the in-program reports? I'd bet you could accomplish what you need through Legacy Charting. Charting is one of the buttons along the top of the program page when you have Legacy open. Also, if you have other questions, you should go to the Legacy Group, here on GenealogyWise. I'm sure you'd get an answer there to any of your Legacy questions.





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