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I am looking for more information about my ancestor's parents and was wondering if anyone had clues to help me out about George Logan Douglas born October 5, 1801 in South Carolina and died March 12, 1855 in Sumpter County, GA whose wife was Mary Caroline Jordan born Oct. 24, 1817 in VA and died 1876 Americus, Sumpter County, GA. I believe his father was Capt. Joseph Douglas born April 4, 1773 Salisburg, Mecklinburg County, NC and died June 16, 1845 Sumpter County, GA who was married to Hanna McLeary. If anyone who has any clues could help me, I would appreciate it.

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 There is a fellow on my friends list , William Douglas , compiler at Douglas Archives  he should be able to help you Sue . 

Thank you Russell, he did make contact with me re: this issue. I appreciate you assistance in this matter.

 Sue , You are more than welcome . 

Russell are you searching for the same Joseph Douglass I am or do you just know about this?

Thank you, Russell.

This would appear to be the  Captain Joseph Douglass who participated in the war of 1812-1814. He was in the 7th company, detached from the First Mecklenburg Regiment.

Could he be the son of Joseph? In 1756, Fort Dobbs was built about twenty miles West of Salisbury for the protection of these isolated settlers. But, due to the numerous depredations and occasional murders, many of these settlers sought refuge elsewhere until the Indian matter had been settled. Thus, we find the BOYDS removal to Augusta Co., VA, where they are found near the Ramsey's in the North River Settlement of the Shenandoah on the head of Fischer's Creek. This tract of land was patented to Robert Boyd on 20 Sept 1768, and was later sold by John Boyd, heir of Robert Boyd, to Joseph Douglas on 8 May 1776.

I have these notes:
1.  Marriage: 27 Jul 1858 Gillespie, Joseph R. to Douglass, Miss Kate E.,Near Davidson College, daughter. of Joseph B. Douglass. Married by Rev. E. D. Jenkins 3 Aug 1858  Is there any connection?

2.  Marriage: Douglass, Joseph B. of Mecklenburg County and Mary H. Walkup, daughter of Robert Walkup on July 23, 1846 in Union County by Rev. William P. Harris. July 31, 1846.Is there any connection?

I have had a look at the descendants of Col John Douglas, but have been unable to find the link, though joseph is one of the family names.  See:


Note 3. Andrew McCleary, was a Scotch-Irishman, who came from the north of Ireland and settled in Clarion, and afterward at Yellow Creek, Bedford county, where he died. Is there any connection?

Bedford county Pennsylvania ,

Oh, you are such a fount of information, I will check these facts out and see if I can build on my tree...I am so excited to maybe get a break. I will be sure to share this with my Douglas kin. Awesome!!!!!!! Sue  NC, Mecklenburg, The Long Creek Settlement and the Gum Branch  The Long Creek Settlement and the Gum Branch  East of the Catawba River, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina:  A Genealogical Survey of the Neighbors and Allied Families  of William and Nancy Ramsey   William Ramsey - Head of Household 1790 U.S. Census: William Ramsey was a son of James  and Margaret Ramsey, who immigrated from the Province of Ulster, Ireland, and settled on  the North River of the Shenandoah in Augusta Co., VA before 1753. William Ramsey was born  ca.1742 in PA, after his parents arrived there from the North of Ireland. He married  before 12 Nov 1767, in Augusta Co., VA, Agnes/Nancy "Maria" BOYD, who was born 1744 in  Ireland the daughter of Robert BOYD. William and Nancy Ramsey, along with Nancy's  brother, John BOYD, settled on the Gum Branch of Long Creek, Mecklenburg Co., NC by 1769.  On 20 June 1769, William Ramsey was a witness on a land deed conveyance from John Miller  to John Buchannan for land on the waters of Gum Branch of Long Creek adjacent to John  Boyd. On 30 Sept 1773, John Boyd conveyed his 300-acre land grant on Long Creek to  William Ramsey located on both sides of Long Creek, including the forks to Tools' old  fording and John Moore's line, crossing the creek and joining the land of James Douglass.    On 10 Jan 1771, John Boyd and William Ramsey witnessed a deed from James and Sarah Tom to  James Douglas for 200 acres on both sides of Long Creek, which included Miller's  improvements and adjacent to John Anderson's line. On 1 Jan 1783, William Ramsey and John  Johnston witnessed a deed from David McCord to John Buchannan for 200 acres on both sides  of Long Creek about a half mile west of Tools' Road. This land was originally patented to  John Moore in 1763, and sold to David McCord in 1772.   Ramsey's in the North River Settlement of the Shenandoah on the head of Fischer's Creek.  This tract of land was patented to Robert Boyd on 20 Sept 1768, and was later sold by  John Boyd, heir of Robert Boyd, to Joseph Douglas on 8 May 1776.

Also wonder if there is a link between James Douglass and Joseph Douglass

 That Document doesn't seem to link them genealogically , sadly enough .

Joseph (2 above) was known as Joe, and Mary was his cousin, a sister of Robert Walkup's wife

The following notices may provide clues:

Deaths in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina:
Douglass, James B. Oct. 16, 1843. Iredell Co. 27 years. Dec. 8, 1843.
Douglass, Mrs. Jane. April 11, 1843. Wife of Joseph B. Douglass and mother of 2 children. April 20, 1843.
Douglas, Major Joseph. Oct. 8, 1841. Iredell Co. 65 years. Oct. 14, 1841.
Douglass, Marshall K. May 3, 1847. Rowan Co. 38.years. Survived by his wife and five children. May 13, 1847.
Douglass, Mrs. Mary H. May 13, 1848. Iredell Co. Wife of Joseph B. Douglass. 31 years. May 24, 1848.

Mecklenburg DB 3, p. 279, 26-12-1771. Miles Gathright and Elizabeth his wife of New Kent County to William Douglass of Mecklenburg, 500 acres in Mecklenburg on both sides of Great Creek, which Miles Gathright bought of Jeremiah Russell by Mecklenburg deed in 1770. Signed: Miles Gathright. Witness: Thomas Twitty, Jr., Ruben Booth, Wm. Robertson, Geo (X) Thomerson, John Jones, Allen Roberson, Wm. (W) Holmes. Recorded 09-03-1772.

Mecklenburg DB 3, p. 280, 07-02-1772. Wm. Douglass and Martha his wife, of Mecklenburg, to James Pittillo (Pittiller) of Brunswick, tract of 290 acres in Mecklenburg on upper side of Cockes Creek, bounded as per the patent to Wm. Munford on 28-09-1730, viz., bounded by [trees]. Signed: Wm. Douglass. Witness: Miles Gipson, Thomas (X) Duke, Willough (X) Fann. Recorded 09-03-1772.

Mecklenburg DB 4, p. 31. 27-03-1773. James Blanton of Mecklenburg to John Lambert, Jr., 800 acres in Mecklenburg in the fork of Great Creek, & bounded by Donald’s & Douglass’ corner on the south fork of the creek, Jones, Rainey, Boazman, including the several courses of 1 patent of the said tract containing 400 acres now mentioned, the several courses of another patent, containing 400 acres likewise. Both patents were issued in the name of said James Blanton, both are dated 16-05-1770, and both join together. The 2nd patent is bounded by said James Blanton and William Jones’ corner, Harwell, Thomas, Langford, Rainey, Blanton’s new corner pointers, including the several courses of the whole 800 acres. Signed: James Blanton. Witness: Robert Road, John Nance, John (+) Boazman, Stephen (S) Jones. Recorded 12-04-1773.

Mecklenburg DB 2, p. 174, June 1768. Robert Brooks of Mecklenburg to Wm. Murphe of North Carolina, 200 acres on Roanoke River & branches of Parhams’ Creek & bounded by Tomersons Ridge Path, new lines. Signed: Robert (X) Brooks. Witness: James (‡) Ellis, William Douglass, Wilebea (X) Fann. Recorded 13-03-1769.

Mecklenburg DB 5, p. 81, 11-08-1777. Willbe Fann & wife Mary to Daniel Baugh of Halifax, 375 acres in Mecklenburg, bounded by Hugh Lambert, David Douglass, James Hicks, the long branch, Ellis. Witness: none. Recorded 11-08-1777.

Mecklenburg DB 5, p. 97, 12-08-1777. Wm. & Martha Douglass of Mecklenburg to Thomas Booth of Mecklenburg, 500 acres on both sides of Great Creek, obtained by said Wm. Douglass from Miles Gathright of New Kent. Signed: Wm. Douglass, Martha (her mark) Douglass. Witness: Francis (FR) Rainey, William Jones, Peter (P) Thomas. Recorded 08-09-1777.



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