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I am assisting a new prospect with her DAR application.  Jacob Clearwater b ca 1750 lived in Guilford Co NC, private Am Rev.. We need proof Dorcas was his daughter, or some document connecting Jacob with her husband, John Henry MOORE (marriage 18 Jan 1800 Greene Co TN. no mention of Jacob on bond). We have exhausted most of the online records.. The Guilford College Library, where most of the area Quaker Records are kept.. has no documentation on this. Does anyone on Genealogy Wise have any document, letter, bible, clipping etc that would help us? Thanking you in advance.

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Ang,  have you contacted any of the Gen. societies in Guilford Co., or the NC Gen society?

Ohhhh.. how could I forget to contact the North Caroliina Gen Soc... Thanks... Ang

Ang,  are you in NC, or close by?

I'm in Texas...

Ang,  I am in Forsyth Co, which is next door to Guilford Co.    If you have specific  info., I would be glad to ask around. 

Wow..Let me get an outline together..will get back to you soon.. Thanks so very much..Would you rather me send to your personal email? or do this here?



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